Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I'm tired of gaining weight again and feeling like a beached snoring whale.
I wake myself up ALL night long because my snoring has gotten worse since I've started gaining weight again.

I'm excited to start our diet again.
It's gonna be another strict month. I still think dinner on Fridays are going to be the 'cheat' but every other meal is gonna be primal.
I'm also going to start exercising. Hopefully Zoe will allow it. If not all at once, then do it throughout the day.
Want to go to Once Upon a Child this weekend to see if we can score a jogger so we can go on walks around the neighborhood.
I don't know why those strollers are so damn expensive. They just have larger wheels on them. Why that means companies can charge an arm and a leg is beyond me.
I doubt we'll be able to find anything, but it won't hurt to look and maybe I can finally convince DH to take in that big stroller to sell. I'd do it myself but MAN, that would be awkward trying to move that thing and Zoe in.

So yeah.... we're kinda getting all of our junk food cravings out of the way this week lol. Still have some rice crispy treats to make and I think I still have pumpkin pie stuff too. That one may just have to wait until much later down the road b/c the sound of it doesn't sound good to me right now.
Or maybe I could make it for DH's coworkers so the ingredients that we bought don't go to waste.
We'll see.

I must say... I am enjoying the hell out of some sandwiches. We don't buy bread often at all and OMG sandwiches are AWESOME lol.

But yeah..... enough with that. I have 3 or 4 days to get all of this junk food craving crap out of my system and it's time to get serious!!

I'm pumped up! Not so much about exercising but I'll do it!


And ya know what, I am tired of whatever the hell my body is trying to do or not do.
I spotted some today... and that was it.

I'm still weepy as hell which sucks. Not sure what set it off this morning when I was driving around shopping, but sure enough, it hit me and I started getting all misty eyed.
It's either I'm weepy or get pissed/annoyed quickly.

My face is still breaking out, my hair is super oily which grosses me out especially since I'm not taking a shower every day (don't be grossed out too much lol)... AND I'm getting bad dandruff again too which confuses me. All that oil and I still have a dry scalp? WTF?

I'm also getting weird ass dreams and still not sleeping well.

Anyway... I'm tired of this wonky hormones shit!

Really hoping the diet and losing weight will help.


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Lisa!!!!

Shari said...

I will be back on the weight loss train with you! Come Jan. 2nd, it is full on! We had to move my treadmill to storage for the time being, but Zumba and Just Dance are going to be my best friends.

LisaL said...

OOO I wanna get something like Just Dance. I'll have to look in to that. Might be a fun alternative to traditional exercise :D