Saturday, February 28, 2015

Almost there

Boy I still have a lot to do still before Oren arrives.
Finally remembered to dig out the nursing cover that I never used with Zoe. Will be bringing it to the hospital with me this time.
I didn't with Zoe (didn't think about it) and honestly didn't care who saw my boobs when I was trying to BF her, but this time.. yeah... I'm not going to be flashing my bewbs around lol.

Also got a nice cheap dollar toothbrush to bring. Just need a travel size toothpaste to go with it. Will probably end up just bringing the aveeno baby shampoo/wash that I've been using. Will be easier to just use that all over instead of having to bring seperate body wash and shampoo.
Just need to buy another bottle of it though. May try something else.

Also bought a few things for freezer meals although.... I'm probably not going to end up making anything. Why? B/c we have NO room in the freezer right now for anything else. Need to clean it out. Throw away things that have been forgotten about in there to make room. May do that tomorrow when DH and Zoe are at church.

We also went mattress shopping today. Went to a place that's pretty close to us and spent a good hour or so in there trying out all the firm ones.
Sure the plush ones are comfortable at first, but they just don't have the support we really need. And if in the future we do want something softer, they make those pillow top things you can put on your mattress.
Anyway... it took up what we had left from tax returns, but it should be money well spent. At least I hope so. You know you can't really determine how a mattress will feel until you've slept on it for a little while. Thankfully this place has a 100 day return policy so long as there isn't any damage to the mattress.
We should be getting it next Saturday.

In bigger news though.... DH finally transitioned Zoe's crib to the toddler bed.
Zoe was SO excited about it too. So cute :D When he was done, she kept climbing in it and pretending to go to sleep... even wanted the lights off. Heh
She actually didn't do bad for her actual bedtime though. As soon as we were out the door, I heard her messing with her doorknob (it has a child safety thing on the inside lol)... and when DH got the monitor (video monitor), he saw her climb in and out of her bed twice, but that was it. She stayed in it after that. He did have to go in there to cover her back up with her blankets, but she stayed put and eventually went to sleep.
We'll see how she does tomorrow morning. That will be the true test. I suspect I'll be waking up to her clothes ALL over her floor quite often :P
All of her furniture is anchored to the wall though so.. whatever. I'll just have to deal with her making a huge mess so long as she is safe.
OO this means we can move some of her toys in there though. Won't be as cluttered out in the living room. Although it's really not that bad so long as we get her to pick up her stuff.

And yeah, that's pretty much it. We or I will need to make a few trips out to pick up the last few things I want to get but yeah.... we're ready... or as ready as we'll ever be :D

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