Monday, February 16, 2015


Appointment went well this morning. Nice and quick. Was afraid it was going to be super busy like it usually is, but thankfully it wasn't.

Oren is chugging along. Growing as he should. I do still have a little more than normal amniotic fluid but nothing to worry about. Apparently it's giving him lots of room though b/c he has flipped back to head down once again lol. Just think it's funny that he keeps flip flopping all over the place.
I haven't felt it at all so he must do it when I'm asleep.
Not surprising since he seems to think it's party time every time I'm trying to get to sleep.
His weight is estimated at 5lbs 10oz, so still on track to being about 7lbs when he's born. :)

Just so glad I don't have to get cervical checks though. SO glad. I remember how uncomfortable they were with Zoe so being able to avoid them now b/c I'm having a repeat is AWESOME :D

Speaking of Zoe. She's getting so used to going to the doctor's office now lol. She's usually a little shy when she meets new people, but now, she's trying to show off to them and talk to them. It's so cute heh. Although not so cute when she doesn't want to hold my hand and tries to pull away in the parking garage. About gives me a heart attack every time she tries to pull away or is actually successful at it.

Poor cat is sick. He threw up yesterday and seemed to be having trouble pooping. It was definitely a "something is wrong/sick" puke.. not a hairball type.
He did manage to get some  poop out and DH says he's been having to clean some up in the morning as usual so not really sure what's wrong with him.
Just watching him today to make sure he's not acting lethargic or anything. He's been eating so *shrugs* Guess that's a good sign.

Really need to watch what I'm eating. Other than the brownies that I made.. I really haven't been eating terrible or anything, but I think the GD is getting a little worse at the end here so I'm not able to be as lenient w/ the carbs as I was before. Just have to adjust things and remember to not eat as much bad things as I was.
I'll start after this lunch though. Fixed some pork and beans and pretty much ate all of it..... yeah... I don't think I'll be having a good sugar level this time. Oops.

Think DH wants to go to the beach this summer.
He asked if I would want to take Oren to the beach when he's 2-3m old. I have no idea how I'll feel then but I think it would be ok.
We really haven't been on a good vacation in a while so the thought of going to the beach is nice. Just lounge around and get a tan and do a whole lot of nothing for a few days sounds dreamy. He would want to invite family though. That doesn't really appeal to me other than extra eyes watching Zoe, but staying in a space with them... who are all snorers.... BLEH.
We'll see what happens and if it happens.

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