Sunday, February 15, 2015


I had a rough day yesterday. Just felt like total crap and was SO hot. I would've run around nekkid if we had some curtains on the windows by the door.
I think I may have been dehydrated. I know I haven't been drinking enough lately b/c I've been lazy and don't like getting up if I don't have to. Guess I kinda have to now though.
I felt so bad though and am still feeling it today.
Also, to spin this... I drank too much last night before bed and that mixed with what I had eaten left me nauseated. On a scale of 1 being not nauseated and 10 being my head in the toilet bowl puking.. I was at an 8. I was so close to throwing up b/c everything was just sitting in my stomach and not moving and being smooshed by baby and BH contractions.

I sat up for a while b/c laying down only made it worse. That seemed to help get things moving b/c I had a nice emptying BM and felt 100x better after.
I'm not really all that constipated. I'll go maybe 1 or 2 days max. Oh I'll have some HORRIBLE smelly gas before going, but it's never made me feel backed up, ya know? So *shrugs*

Those brownies weren't very good :( Only made them b/c they got good reviews but something did not go right. I followed the directions so it wasn't anything on my end. Just not a very good recipe I guess. It wasn't peanut buttery enough or chocolatey enough. Just... meh.

Went to the grocery store and Target this morning. Wanted to get some discount V day candy but it wasn't discounted enough for my taste. I did buy Zoe a cute little Minnie Mouse fuzzy purse w/ some candy hearts in it. Not really on sale for a lot less but oh well.
I'll just have to stock up on Easter candy :P
Mmmmm Easter candy..... *drool*

And finally... another March momma gave birth!! Her little girl was 37w and a little over 6lbs :D So exciting. I'm sure there will be more to come before the month is over :D

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