Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I really need to get these last little bits of cleaning done around the house. Like cleaning up the fresh puke spots (thanks dog....).... and cleaning off the top of my dresser.
I'd take a photo of it, but it's embarrassing lol.
We have 4 dressers in our room and every drawer is full. I need to go through mine and get rid of crap I don't wear so I can put up the clothes I do wear.
Just sounds like sooooo much work though *cry* lol
I'll do that today though. I've been telling myself I was going to get it done for a week now and still nada :P


Pretty sure Oren has come back up some. I don't feel as much pressure down load as I was before. Either that or my body just got used to it *shrugs*

Going to wait until tomorrow to go to the store to pick up the stuff to make Zoe's shirt. Was going to go today but... yeah... as the title to this post says... lazy.
Looked on amazon for plain toddler t-shirts. Frickin nothing cheap available for prime shipping. WTF?? Was hoping I could just order something but noooooooo :\

It's not helping that I'm having to get up every hour to 2hrs to pee at night. I'm sleeping pretty well inbetween, but I know it would be such a bit help if I could sleep for a longer stretch without waking.
Also not helping that I'm having to wear earplugs to try to drown out DH's snoring.
I know he can't help it, but in those moments when I'm trying to get back to sleep and I can still hear him clear as day through the earplugs... I want to punch him.. or just smack him in the face with my pillow.

And then one of our dogs always has to wake up and start making the most disgusting LOUD slurping/licking sounds. There are some things I'm patient with, but other things.. no.... and one of those is the sounds of loud licking from a dog. It's one of those things that just drives me up the wall (same with barking or watching a dog scratch themselves raw).

Just one of those things that isn't a huge deal but sure as heck feels like it when you're feeling sleep deprived lol.

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