Thursday, February 19, 2015

Meh, not that bad...

Thought it was going to be freezing outside this morning.
Meh... it really wasn't that bad. Yes, it was cold, but it wasn't unbearable. Not even any frost on the car.
There was some ice on the road though from the stupid automatic sprinkler systems that no one ever bothers to turn off. Those patches were just SO fun to drive over.
Nothing quite gets your heart pumping like the feeling of your car losing control for those moments.


Appointment went nice and quick. They were short on nurses this morning so I had a quick ultrasound instead. Wish they could do those all the time. SO much faster than an NST lol.
Don't have to wait to feel baby move since you can just see it happen.
Everything was fine though. Baby boy was still head down, practicing his breathing, heart rate was good, amniotic fluid is still about the same I think, and he moved enough to satisfy whatever criteria they needed.

Poor DH came home early yesterday from work b/c he was feeling sick. Nauseated, headache, hot flashes. He came home and went right to bed and slept for a good 3 or so hours.
Of course it got super windy outside and the power went off for a little over an hour then. You just never realize how reliant on technology you are until you can't access it lol.

Anywho... DH was fine though. He still felt a bit blah, but he's a tough guy. Not one to turn in to a giant baby when he's not feeling well.

I'm SO constipated :(
Wasn't having much of a problem going up until this point. I tried going last night and only managed like a rabbit pellet... not even a human sized one... but an actual tiny tic tac sized nothing. So frustrating.
Going to get some stool softeners this weekend. In the mean time... maybe just drown my foods in hot sauce and hope my body reacts to it how it usually does.

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