Monday, February 23, 2015


So... appointment this afternoon went well.
Lost my blood sugar sheet. Pretty sure Zoe must have taken it out and dropped it somewhere in the office. Oh well. OB wasn't too worried about it.

Ultrasound went well. Got a nice extended look at our little Obi b/c he was fast asleep and was not moving lol.
Oh he moved while we waited in the waiting room, but as soon as we were in the u/s room... nap time!
He's actually measuring 37w2d now and his weight has jumped up to an estimated 6lb 10oz. O_O
That's a 1lb gain since last ultrasound.
I mentioned it to the doctor but she just said that of course there's always the margin of error and he could be a little smaller than that.
But his percentile has jumped up to almost 50% now when he was hanging around the 30th percentile.
So *shrugs* The tech is either way off on measurements or he's had quite the growth spurt.

Also, my amniotic fluid levels have dropped to normal range again. She measured it 4 times to make sure. It was still on the high end of normal, but still normal. She even asked me if I had had any leaking. o_O

And finally.... he has definitely dropped... A LOT more than I had thought. She had to put that u/s probe down VERY low. Like right at my c-sec scar. I knew he had dropped some, just didn't realize it was that low though.

I can tell now b/c the boy is taking his giant head and grinding it on everything attached to the ladybits and brown eye below and it does NOT feel pleasant. Can't even explain the sensation. It hurts, it's sharp and... yeah.. it just doesn't feel good.

It really wouldn't surprise me if he were to make an unexpected early appearance. Part of me kind of hopes so... but most of me just hopes he stays put until his due date lol.

It's supposed to snow tonight. Only like a half inch worth IF we do get any. And it's not really supposed to stick. It will be fun to see... just hope it's not accompanied by ice or anything that will make it dangerous on the roads since DH will have to drive in it.

Zoe's imagination just keeps growing and it's so cute and fun to watch. She plays with her little people and talks for them and makes up her own songs and.. just UGH! I want to smoosh her! lol

She's also started a "nuh uh" thing. Not sure where she got that from... maybe Talking Tom app since he'll make that noise. It's cute but I can see it getting annoying too lol.

Really wish she would keep the little clips in her hair. If she doesn't... will seriously consider cutting her bangs. They're always in her eyes now. She's sporting some Daryl from The Walking Dead hair right now.... and while it's cute... she's always brushing it out of her eyes. I've tried putting clips in to her hair but she always.. ALWAYS takes them out.

That's a problem b/c she's started having an oral fixation again. I'm still fairly positive she's getting her molars in still which is causing this, but UGH. It scares me when she sticks everything in to her mouth. She has a lot more freedom now and a lot more smaller objects in her reach that could cause problems if she were to swallow something. I really do need those eyes in the back of my head to grow :P lol

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