Friday, February 27, 2015

Ouch damnit!!

Baby boy's movement HURTS. Not everything but everything down low when he moves, turns whatever hurts like hell.
Thankfully most of it is really quick, but it's sharp and takes my breath away every time it happens.

And I'm not constipated right now but BOY the gas is terrible and I feel more bloated now than I did when I was constipated. WTH?

I've also been experiencing nausea at night the last 3 or so nights when going to bed. I'll feel totally fine, but as soon as I lay down... in comes the nausea and it's bad too. Like 2 steps away from actually needing to throw up.

So yeah.... uncomfortable.... Heck yes!

It's kind of funny too though b/c every time I do feel any kind of pain... my mind always goes in to semi-panic/excited mode that I'm going in to labor rofl. I really would not be surprised if it did happen, but I'm sure he'll be staying put until the c-sec.

Poor DH's back. He's resorted to sleeping on the floor the last 2 nights and it hasn't helped.
I think we're going to go mattress shopping tomorrow. It's a lot of money, but it needs to be spent.

Other than pain from Oren pressing against my back... mine has been fine though which I'm surprised about since it takes me a while to get comfortable in the 2 positions I can sleep in lol.

Anywho... I really hope we'll be able to find a good one to help his back... and one that won't break the bank.

I finally cleaned the top of my dresser and organized my drawers a bit better. WOO! lol
I waited until right before bed to do it, but hey... I did it :P
Actually didn't take as long as I thought it would. Just had to reorganize and actually have more space now.

Oh AND I found that I actually have 2 nursing tanks instead of just the one blue one that I thought I had lol. I also found an awesome sports bra looking nursing bra that I completely do not remember. Woo! heh
I do want to buy one more nursing bra to replace one that lost a clasp in the back. Not a huge deal if I don't get another... just annoying when that happens and that little unclasped flap keeps folding in and you feel it. Bleh.

I have a couple of things still on the top of the dresser for the hospital bag. The blue nursing tank, robe, nursing bra.
Definitely going to bring one of the maxi skirts instead of pants to go home in. They're stretchier plus you won't be able to see my oh so sexy diaper I'll be wearing. ;) lol

Now I just need to build up enough energy to spot clean some of the gross spots on the carpet and do water changes in the fish tanks.
Fish tanks can wait until it warms up in a few days.... carpet...... sigh......... carpet is always going to be an ongoing battle :(
If I did it today.... I'm sure one of the animals would get sick tomorrow all over a different spot :\

Zoe is so frickin cute!!! She loves watching the few Disney movies on DH's tablet. She's on a Wall-E kick right now and keeps wanting to recreate the scene where Wall-E gets reset and Eve thinks he's gone forever and intertwines her fingers with his and leans her head on to his.
She wants to intertwine her fingers with mine and then gets this serious slightly angry look on her face (she hasn't totally mastered the fake worried look lol), and leans in a bit too fast to my head.
It's so cute.... sometimes painful :P hehe

Girl really needs to sleep longer in the morning though. She's been wanting to wake up just after 6 and UUUUUUUUUGH. Momma needs her sleep :(

She might be getting a cold though. I hope not, but her nose has been runny. Not constantly so hopefully it's just a really minor blip that goes quick but it could be another big one that's building up.
UGH I hope not!

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