Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Not for me but for a couple more women in my DD group.

2 are being induced today. One is pregnant with twins, the other b/c her bp was high and protein in urine. That part sucks but she's 38+w pregnant so her LO should be good to go.
Just so exciting to see all of these babies being born now that March is not so quickly approaching. Or well.. it feels that way at least lol.

I really hope both of their inductions go quick and easy for them. Can't wait to see baby spam :)

I was wrong... Amazon does have some cheaper plain t-shirts. I must've just overlooked them earlier. Still not super cheap, especially for being just a plain shirt. Will hold off and wait and see what the hobby stores have tomorrow.
Not sure which to hit up first. Maybe Michaels, but they're usually the more expensive store compared to Hobby Lobby. But Hobby Lobby is in the wrong direction from where I'll be coming from. Meh... few dollars won't make much of a difference. We'll see :D

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