Monday, February 23, 2015

I just want to sleep!

Thankfully my sleep hasn't been that bad, but I'm having to get up to pee a lot more often it seems.
He still doesn't feel THAT low, but laying down, it def feels like he snuggles up right on my bladder and puts some major pressure on it so it feels like I have to go all the dang time.

And then I try to get back to sleep while poor DH is snoring his ass off. I can't poke him to get him to move... or at least I try not to do it that often now b/c constantly making him change positions is screwing with his back.
Put in some ear plugs last night which helped some, but I kept dreaming that my ears had wax buildup that I couldn't relieve and it would actually wake me up lol.
Also didn't help that our little shit eater dog woke me up last night puking on the floor and of course had to come out in to the living room to puke even more.... on the floor that was nice and clean.
Oh yes sorry... boohoo, poor dog..... Poor dog my ass. If he would stop eating shit, he wouldn't get an upset stomach all the damn time. Nasty....

Also, did I mention that the cat pissed on the floor again? I think I did mention it already.
And I can still F-ing smell it. I'm about to pour some vinegar over the area. I'd rather smell vinegar than cat piss.

Anyway... enough bitching lol....

Holy crap.. have any of you tried that Reese's spread? It's like spreadable reese's cup!!! It's damn expensive for a little container (or what I think is expensive) but holy shit is it delicious!! Nomnomnomnomnom

Have my u/s and doc appointment this afternoon. Only 4 more appointments left before the big day! I think these next 2 weeks are going to DRAG. Not looking forward to that, but need to spend this little bit of time making sure we do actually have everything ready to go.... which I'm pretty sure we do for the most part.

Do still need to make some freezer meals. Bought stuff for the spaghetti sauce... and DH wants me to make chili too. Just have to figure out what else.
Think I'm going to buy some jarred alfredo sauce. I SO want some alfredo.... will just have to spruce it up a bit with more parmesean in it heh.
And yeah... will figure out what else to do these next couple of weeks.

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