Friday, February 20, 2015


Baby boy is doing something in there and it does not feel good. Trying to stretch or something... I don't know but OUCH! Just pushing and putting pressure on all the wrong spots.
It is still neat to see my belly going crazy though with his movements lol.
Wish I knew what I was pressing on when I rub my belly. If he's still head down then it means I'm rubbing on some baby butt heh.


I really need to stay off of some of these pregnancy boards. Some of the comments just annoy me so GD much I want to rip hair out (not my own).

Like women being SO against being induced. Thinking it's the worst thing possible to be induced and blahblahblah... and then in the same breath go on to say how they want to try to induce labor at home with some shit like castor oil.
Are you F-ing kidding me??
So medical induction, in a safe environment with staff that is there to monitor you and baby equals the devil reincarnate, but trying to induce labor at home using something like castor oil equals totally fine!

And then the whole "My doctor only wants to do a c-section and/or induce for their OWN convenience!" bullshit that spews out of some mouths. Again... are you F-ing kidding me with this shit?
Nevermind that the person JUST posted how their baby is in a weird position AND the mother also is considered high risk b/c of XYZ reason. Oh no.. just ignore all of that.. the doctor only wants to cut you open or induce you b/c they have their golf game/vacation to go to! B/c ya know... all doctors play golf b/c that's the rich person/doctor thing to do!
*insert the biggest eyeroll ever*
Then you have all of the idiots who chime in agreeing that c-section and or inducing shouldn't be done even with those very real risks.

I could go on, but I won't. You get my point.

It never fails..... day after cleaning the carpets.... the cat pukes on it again. Awesome......
Wish they made a much much smaller shampooer for spots like that. Like a handheld vaccuum but a shampooer so you can clean up small spots and not have to wheel out the giant piece of shit to clean it up.

DH's grandfather is supposed to be going home this coming Wednesday. Sounds like he's doing better, but obviously not even close to 100%.
Dh is going over to the house tomorrow to help his dad build a ramp.

His grandfather COULD be doing better than he is, but DH's family...... I love them but they are so F-ing frustrating.
They're a loving bunch. No denying that, but they do not push his grandfather to continue his physical therapy outside of what is forced on him in the place. They could be helping him, at least reminding him to practice everything they're teaching him to do, but they don't. They just sit back and do nothing and it's annoying as shit.
His grandfather is having trouble swallowing thin liquids, so they want him to do some kind of swallowing exercise to help. Does he do it himself? NOPE.... does his family (other than DH) remind him to do it? NOPE.
And b/c of the swallowing issues... he's supposed to eat small bites and drink a thickened liquid after each time. Do they make sure he's doing that? NOPE. They let him shovel food in to his mouth like he's starving and then complain when he starts choking on it.
DH wants to visit and get updates on how he's doing, but every single time he talks to them, all he ends up getting is just as frustrated as me b/c they're just not doing what they should to get him better.

And don't get me started on their listening skills. It's in one ear and right out the other with minimal information kept... or more like selective information retained.

Anywho... I'm probably just annoyed with everything right now b/c Zoe woke up a bit earlier today... and I'm having that out of breath feeling right now which always sucks.
I'm good though... just had to get those rants out :P hehe

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