Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's cold!

Ok, so not as cold as some places, but cold for here.
It's supposed to be super chilly tomorrow morning... awesome. Hopefully there won't be any ice on the road.

DH had guy's night here last night so most of the day was spent cleaning. I had to finish the living room. Started off well but lack of hydration and food started making me irritable and SO achy.  I half assed most of the main part, but still looks better than it did at least. I can tell the areas that I went over a couple of times vs the ones I only went over once lol.
Oh well.
At least there aren't any new pee spots being produced... now we just have bloody cat spots and dog ass drag spots :\
Pets are just.... so fun sometimes. lol

We did get the nursery straightened up even more though :D I stuffed most of his diapers. Still have about half a dozen or so left to do (didn't want to get up to grab more inserts lol).
Thanks to SiL giving me her stash of cloth diapers, we shouldn't have to buy any new ones. Yay :D
DH also finally cleaned out his closet and we washed the covers for the swing, rock n play and bouncer seat.
Ugh..... I'm pretty sure a mouse has been having fun in the rock n play. DH handed me the cover for it... nothing wrong.... that is until he yells EW! and tells me to bring the vacuum back in to the room. I get in there and there are mouse turds everywhere *barf*
I know it didn't come from the bouncer. That was in Zoe's closet... and there was nothing from the swing cover when he took it off so it def came from the rock n play. Going to have to drown the parts we can't wash in lysol.


Anyway... last night.. it hit me. Next Monday... we only have 2 weeks before we meet our little man. Holy... Shit. O_O
Yeah this last month is going by slow but still... HOLY SHIT!
I just feel so overwhelmed with every emotion possible. Heck, even now just thinking about it I want to start crying. Not happy or sad tears... just overwhelmed tears.
After infertility and everything we've been through, it's still a bit surreal that we're going to have 2 kids now.
I can't wait to meet our new little dude. Can't wait to see what he looks like and compare that to what Zoe looked like. I CAN wait for those sleepless nights though lol.

Speaking of sleep. I've actually been sleeping really well recently. Still haven't get up to pee all the time or roll over b/c of some kind of ache, but I've been able to get back to sleep with minimal problems. I've now probably jinxed myself but oh well... it was nice while it lasted at least hehe.

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