Tuesday, February 24, 2015


So I'm all about DIY.. didnt even think to do that with a Big sis shirt for Zoe but I'm totally going to. Just need to go out and buy everything which I'll do tomorrow.

Can't find a Super Big Sister shirt w/ a cape? Damnit, I'm going to make one then! I can even just detach one of the capes from a shirt Zoe already has, add the velcro strips to the new shirt and voila! No need to buy fabric to make a new cape. Woot!

Just watched a tutorial on how to do it an things needed and doesn't seem that hard. Just have to come up with the graphic for the shirt. Will probably just kind of copy the super little brother shirt graphics.. just change colors or something. Nothing super fancy or anything.

This should be fun :D

OOO was having some lower abdomen pain earlier. It wasn't bad, but a light sharp pain really far down (where his head is).
Think I was just dehydrated once again b/c I'm not feeling it any longer after drinking a little more.

It didn't start snowing until this morning.. and even then not that much. Not that we were expected to get a lot, but it would've been nice to have more than we got. Think other than shaded areas, it's gone. I got a few photos though b/c that's what we do here... take photos of the dusting of snow when we get it hehe

Zoe was so cute when it was snowing. Stood on the porch with her and she kept saying "It's Elsa, It's Snow!" Lol awww.

Not so aww, girl resisted taking a nap even though she was tired. She did finally go to sleep after screaming and crying for a half hour. So fun having to listen to that.... not stressful at all -_-

Feeling kind of off right now. My sugar was a little high for lunch (pork and beans), but it shouldn't have me feeling like this. Will eat something else in a little bit to see if it helps and again really need to make sure I'm drinking enough. I've been avoiding getting up to get something b/c those first few moments after standing are uncomfortable lol.

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