Thursday, February 26, 2015


So had my NST this morning and Oren totally failed it.
Oh, on the way there he was moving and kicking around like crazy, but as soon as I parked... apparently that was a great time to go to sleep.

He would not move. He moved maybe twice that I definitely knew was him... there were a few other things that I mistook the start of BH for him moving.

I ended up getting an u/s after 30mins on the NST monitor and even then, it took him a good 10mins to move enough to satisfy the tech.
His heart rate and breathing and fluid were all fine, he just did not want to wake up to move.

I poked and prodded and did everything I could to try to wake him, but NOPE.

During the NST, I was having pretty regular BH contractions too. They were coming about every 3 mins and lasting about 20-30sec.  As soon as I got up though they stopped or well.. not stopped completely but stopped being regular and went back to sporadic.

Anywho.... I really hope he sleeps that well when he's out :P lol
And I hope he cooperates for the last NST. I knew everything was ok, but it still made me worried too.
He's moving around right now of course. No one is trying to monitor him so it's PARTY TIME! :\


Went to Joanns and Hobby Lobby after. Wasn't planning on going to Hobby Lobby but Joanns didn't have anything I needed. No toddler size shirts and no transfer paper. Well they had weird colored transfer paper but that was it.
Was just going to go home and order off of Amazon but Hobby Lobby was right there so decided to stop.
Picked up a black shirt and a pack of the paper. Now just need to figure out where I put the velcro and figure out a design for the shirt. :)
Might get some fabric paint too to add glitter to it or something. We'll see.

Pretty sure he is still low or is moving from low to high. Last night I kept getting some sharp painful quick bladder & everything connected to that pains when he would grind his head on the area.
I've also been getting butt pain too from him pressing against all of that.
He's using that giant head to cause some pain to his momma!

UGH, so annoyed with MiL and aunt.
They've taught Zoe to be afraid of spiders...... :\

We get decent size wolf spiders around the house. We usually only see them when they're dying and I don't mind them since they're keeping the other bugs controlled.

Zoe sees one now and runs away saying "Scary spider!" Before she would just look at it and say "Oh, Spider!"
Just UGH. I don't want her to be afraid of bugs. She doesn't have to love them... I sure don't, but I don't want her screaming like a banshee when she sees one either (like her cousins do).

Few years ago when I was babysitting her cousins... one of them started shrieking. I mean like someone was being murdered. Why? B/c there was a tiny little flea on her (a flea that they brought over...... but that's another matter)....
She was absolutely terrified and would not move until I got it off of her.
That is not going to be Zoe... at least I really hope not.

Learned yesterday that SiL (DH's older sister) is only going to be here for a day and a half before going to Disney World w/ her DH.
That's a little disappointing but they should at least be able to spend some time with Oren :)
He's only going to be what..... 4 days old then. Can't wait :D

Really hoping that now that her DH is home (he was gone for 8? 9? months) they'll get busy and get their sticky baby. SO hoping the femara i gave her works. Keeping everything crossed for them.

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