Saturday, February 21, 2015

Alone and loving it!!

So DH's plans to help his dad happened a bit later than he thought. I told him that he probably wouldn't even be over there until noon.
His family is notorious for starting crap late... and yep.. noon rolled around, 1 rolled around.
I finally told him he needs to call to see what's going on and finally, he left to go help at around 1:30 or so.
Thankfully MiL was also going to be home since she has to watch her other grandchild today, so DH took Zoe with him so she could go visit and fight with her cousin :P
Zoe and her cousin love eachother but they are also very typical toddlers too who fight. It's kind of cute in a no one really gets hurt kind of way lol.

Anywho, I'm sitting here alone, drinking my 2nd diet dr pepper and loving it. Piece and quiet and can do or watch whatever I want. WOOT! lol

I love DH and Zoe more than anything in this world, but it is so nice to have some alone time too especially now with Oren on the way... I won't get these moments this often for a very long time.

I think Oren may have dropped a little. Not a whole lot though.

37w today. Was going to take a bump shot but... I'm just feeling too lazy to do it lol.
Boy... what a difference a 2nd pregnancy makes. I was taking bump shots religiously with Zoe... but this one? MEH.... lol

I did manage to poop twice yesterday. WOO! But I can still feel that it wasn't all of it. Gross TMI incoming..... even though I can't poop... every time I go to the bathroom... I'm having to wipe a bit extra b/c the poop is right there and smearing on the tp. So I'm constantly wiping my ass b/c well.. that's all I can do at this point.

AH crap... and that just reminded me that I totally forgot to get stool softeners when we went grocery shopping *cry*

So Dh went through Zoe's toys the other day. Put some up and then put some in to another bin for Oren.
He took out a Tigger security blanket for Oren but Zoe ended up stealing it again.

DH told me yesterday that while his friends were over (I hide in the bedroom b/c I'm antisocial lol)... she took it out to show off and was telling them "Baby Oren's"
*heart melts*
How frickin cute is that???
I still don't believe she knows fully what is going on but some part of her does.
I can't wait to see how she is with him. I kind of dread it too just b/c she's in that toddler selfish thing, but I think she's going to be an amazing big sister :)

We've been so lucky with her. Great sleeper and she doesn't hit or bite or anything like that. Yes, she has her flaws of course.. like telling us no, drama queen, whining, etc... but she's such a sweet girl too. Love my little munchkin.

And the opposite of love... so much for feeling bad about the cat b/c the fucker pissed on the carpet again.
Kept smelling cat pee yesterday but didn't see anything where he's gone before.
But I ended up shining a flash light in the area and yep... sure enough, there was that discolored piss spot where he had went..... RIGHT BESIDE the boxes w/ the unused pee pads in them.
Now all I can smell is fucking cat piss. Going to clean the spot in a little bit after I soak it with some more Nature's Miracle.
So sick and tired of this cat. Yes.... it's sad that his paws bother him, but damn.... all he had to do was scoot over 2 fucking inches to pee in his designated pee box (which there are 4 of them... so he has more options).

Just ugh..... never ever want another cat after he dies.

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