Monday, October 27, 2014

Today's the day!

I'd still be sleeping right now if it wasn't for that darn dog!
HA how much did that sound like a Scooby Do (doo?) villain :P

Seriously though, DH got up, let them out then decided to pop his headphones on to exercise. Nevermind that one of our stupid dogs was outside barking at 5:30am.
So pissed off b/c 1... I was trying to get back to sleep and 2... that's all we would need is one of our neighbors complaining about our dog barking that early.

Anyway so it's 6:45 right now and yeah... just waiting. My appointment isn't until 9 this morning. May go lay down... hopefully Zoe sleeps in a little bit or maybe I can snooze on the way there. We'll see.
So nervous and excited though.

We're both leaning towards this one being a girl. I still don't have a strong intuition or anything.. maybe a slight gut feeling now, but that could just be excitement.

This LO was having fun kicking the hell out of my bladder last night though. Those were the strongest kicks I've felt so far. Was laying on my left side and I needed to pee but didn't want to get up. Guess baby didn't like a full bladder resting on them and they started going to town on it until I got up lol.

SQUEEEE ok... gonna go lay down. I'll be back with results!

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Shari said...

Good luck today! Hope LO is happy and healthy and shows the goods :)