Friday, October 31, 2014


Ok since I don't like leaving rants at the top....

I bought some cloth diapers yesterday!! :D
Trying sunbaby size 1 microfiber diapers. Bought the pack of 12.
SiL says that she loved them, so... we'll see. Wish some of the fabric prints were a little cuter but oh well... going to be hidden under clothes anyway so not a big deal.
It was a good deal on them though so just bit the bullet and bought them since it takes so long to actually get them.

Would be nice if we didn't have to buy more diapers and just use the ones we have, but Zoe is nowhere close to wanting to potty train yet. She still tells us most of the time when she has pooped, but that's it.

Speaking of Zoe. She's trying her hardest to not nap right now. I know she's tired waking up so early every morning and she woke up last nght at around 1:30 and stayed up until 2.... at least that was when I turned the monitor back on and she was finally quiet :P
She's tired but she is fighting these naps like no ones business.
I wish babies and kids knew just how awesome naps are.... would make this parenting thing a lot easier ;) hehe

So excited for tonight! It's gonna get cold quick, but that's what layering is for :D
I can't wait for Halloween to be over too. Get rid of all this tempting candy!!

I really need to make a better effort in eating healthier. Give this baby boy some good protein and lots of food stuff from good food instead of the junk I've been wanting/eating.
And I am going to save 4 of my metformin for thanksgiving LOL. I know that's so pathetic but damnit... I am eating my weight in dressing! I don't care about the desserts... I just want that dressing w/ gravy! *droooooool*

Oh.... no more cries! She must've finally given up! WOOT! lol Now time for me to go lay down and relax before I have to get up and clean the carpets again :P

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