Friday, October 31, 2014

Stop being so damn sensitive!

I shouldn't care, but seeing topic after topic of women complaining about people telling them how small or big they are gets on my last damn nerve.
Seriously... stop being so damn sensitive to those comments already!!!!
Just b/c someone says how big you are while pregnant doesn't mean they're calling you a blubbery fat pig!!
Just b/c someone asks if you're sure it's not twins in there doesn't mean they think you look like a beached whale!
And on the flipside. Someone saying that you're so small doesn't mean anything either!

They're just comments ALL pregnant women get and 99% of the time the person making the comment isn't doing so to be a cruel dickface, so PLEASE stop being so gawd damn sensitive to these comments already!!!
How about just embracing those comments and running with them.

"You're so small for soandso weeks!"
"Oh I know!  I can still wear a lot of my regular clothes!"

"You're so big for soandso weeks!"
"Oh I know! My body just wanted to give baby extra room to grow."

But noooooo... the overly sensitive women have to run to all the message boards to say how people are so rude and mean and how they shouldn't say that to pregnant women, or better yet when they say they had a truly insulting come back for the comment insulting the person that said it.

Ok..... rant over! lol.... I just need to stop clicking on those threads or anything titled "rude/mean comments/remarks" and the like b/c it's usually always about this.

Anyway..... time to go crochet until my eyes start to cross. Going to need SOOOOOO much yarn for this darn pony toy. Going to be a lot of trial and error making it too. Wish I had worked on it more before this but... oh well.

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