Thursday, October 23, 2014

3 more days!

The end of Thursday so just 3 more days to go for my appointment. Thankfully it's in the morning so I won't have to wait all day Monday for it.
OMG I'm so excited and nervous and happy and scared. Just want everything to be ok, finding out the gender is just a big bonus.
Saw on one site, a woman just had her 20w u/s and everything looked fine to her, but turns out her baby boy never developed a brain. So heartbreaking :( Just so scary that there are still so many things that could be wrong or go wrong.

Anyway, I think I'm feeling more movement. It's still only bubbles though and only if I'm sitting in my computer chair hunched over. I'll sometimes feel kicks when laying on my side but those don't happen frequently. I'm sure baby enjoys when it's bedtime though. All of that tossing and turning I do must rock him/her to sleep lol.

Feeling ok though. Food is ALWAYS on my mind. Going to have to start eating better since I won't be on metformin for much longer. Have to try to control blood sugars through diet so... bye bye sweets and bad carbs *cry*
I am eating my weight in dressing on Thanksgiving though. I LOVE MiL's dressing and could eat the entire tray she cooks up.
Might save some metformin just for that occasion lol..... seriously.
I am having some cravings right now.
Dr pepper and corn dogs are at the top of the list. Might go to the store tomorrow morning and get some. OMG I want a corn dog so damn bad. Crispy cornbready outside with that hot delicious dog in the middle. NOMNOMNOMNOM

I did fix some really tasty last minute alfredo tonight. Wanted to do regular spaghetti but we didn't have any canned tomatoes and DH had to take he car. We had heavy cream and butter though so decided to make alfredo sauce instead and it surprisingly came out really tasty. Used about 1/2c butter, 1 or so cups of heavy cream, garlic salt, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, 1c Parmesan cheese.
I then browned some ground pork w/ breakfast sausage type of seasoning. Didn't want to leave it plain and thought the flavor of breakfast sausage would be good and it surprisingly went pretty well with it.
*pats self on back* lol

So excited for Saturday too. I think Zoe is going to have so much fun trick or treating at the zoo :D
It's also our anniversary (which we both completely forgot about LOL) so we'll go out to eat beforehand. Not sure where, but it will be fun if we do it all dressed up! Will have to throw that idea at DH hehe.

Anywho.... this week has gone by pretty quick. Well... most of the mornings have been slow but it picks up at noon. Haven't crocheted anything yet like I had planned, but I've been keeping busy in other ways.


Shari said...

Any guesses on boy or girl? I am going to guess girl based on your cravings and length of morning sickness/gagginess :)

LisaL said...

Oh I have no idea. I think I'm leaning more towards this LO being a girl, but there's no reason behind it lol.