Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I guess Zoe is going through a "I don't want to sleep even though I'm tired!!!" phase. Nap today was started off with the same crying and so was bedtime tonight.
She goes in fine when you tell her it's night night time, but as soon as you close the door, the waterworks start.
Hell, she even tried to pull the "I'm thirsty!" trick... not in that many words.. but she was crying "Water! Water!" before she did finally go to sleep. I know she wasn't thirsty though b/c I had just filled one of her cups and it was already almost all gone.
Hope she grows out of this soon. If not... she's gonna be doing a lot of crying b/c we don't fall for that stuff anymore (besides the mommy thing this morning lol).

I did manage to get in a nap too! WOO! Didn't bother playing around on my kindle, just went in to the bedroom and went to sleep. Bliss!
It was so so needed and I woke up before she did. It was only a couple of minutes before she did but still.... woot!


Ugh this damn puppy is getting on my damn nerves. He's so cute and is a really sweet dog but he does not want to frickin house break. I keep the dogs outside most of the dang day... mostly b/c it's really nice but also b/c of him so he won't piss or shit in the house.
I had them out for a good portion of the morning. Let them in to eat... not 7 mins had passed and he frickin shit on the carpet!!!!
THEN, after dinner, let the dogs in. They're all running around trying to snarf up whatever crumbs they can find like all dogs do.
He's all excited and whatnot.
He finally calms down some and goes to sleep on my lap.
Well we have to get up to put Zoe to bed.... we get her ready, turn around and he fucking shit right behind us!!! WTF???
Nevermind the piss stain on the living room carpet that he also did.
The thing is, he's not a dumb dog either. Oh he's SUPER hyper, but he seems to pick up things pretty quick. I really hope he grows out of this b/c it's really pissing me off.
The piss angers me more than the shit b/c it seeps down in to the padding and there's nothing you can do about it. Going to have to soak the entire living room to try to get rid of the lingering piss smell. *grumble*

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