Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Still hasn't quite sunk in yet...

Waited all this time... counted down the days... it finally happened and we finally found out and I'm still sitting here in disbelief lol.
It just hasn't sunk in yet but I know it will.

As for a name... I still think we'll be going with Bishop for the first name, but the middle name is still up in the air.
DH wants to buy a baby name book, but with all the online resources available for free.. I don't think we need to. If it helps him decide though then whatever.
I still like the name Ezra too and DH suggested the name Orin when he was joking around about giving him the initials B.O.S. lol
I thought that was pretty cute plus Orin sounds nice and isn't common. Plus it would be a cute nickname to call him Boss-man or something like that ;) heh
We'll see what happens though. Still a lot of time to pick out a good name :)

We're going to have to pick a crib soon. We have money saved up, BUT with DH's truck messing up and no telling what is wrong with it AND us planning on getting a new car next year.. we need to keep saving while paying off whatever crib/dresser we decide to get.

Plus we're going to have to find a carseat that fits the car. Don't think we're going to be so lucky with this car seat and only get away with spending $20 on one lol.
Just a lot of things here and there that's going to add up. Best to start now and slowly spend rather than doing it in one huge chunk.

We really shouldn't need a lot of clothes at first. Hit up Once Upon a Child to find a couple of cute things, like his take home outfit, but I don't think we'll need too much at first. He'll probably be snuggled up in PJs for the first few months since it will still be cold/cool.

Anywho.... symptoms... my nose getting stuffy at night really sucks b/c I have to mouth breath. My mouth is getting SO dry that it starts to hurt. I have to constantly get up to take sips of water to keep it hydrated and now the upper back part of my mouth is sore. Probably b/c I try to swallow while it's all dry so now it's irritated.

I'm not gagging as much as before thank goodness. It still hits every once in a while but it's few and far between.

Still achy but the sciatic pain seems to have let up for now.

I'm feeling baby boy a little more frequently. Still not a lot though but I feel him at least once or twice a day. It's still a very faint feeling and it's usually the feeling of him playing Punch the bladder!

I've been SO tired. Even though I am waking up a lot, I feel like I've been sleeping better, but just feeling so worn out lately.

Still craving Dr Pepper like no ones business. Was going to go out and get some today but of course DH's truck just had to mess up so he took the car. Boooo lol.
I think that's been it for cravings though... at least within the last few days. All food still sounds good, but nothing in particular stands out.

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