Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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So excited over the Boy news that I forgot everything else lol.

So my doctor (the one that performed my first c-sec) asked me if I was going to try for vbac or just do a repeat. I told her I was leaning more towards just doing a repeat. She was perfectly fine with it. I'm sure it makes it easier on everyone knowing exactly when baby is going to arrive heh.
I'm fine with that decision too. Don't really look forward to being sliced open again but meh... not like I could feel it and hopefully recovery will be easier.

Also, she told me that my next appointment is the 1hr glucose test... kinda bleh, but she did tell me that if I fail it, that I don't have to do the 3hr one if I don't want to and would just start monitoring my sugars right away. WOO!
I mean obviously I don't want to get GD, but I probably will have it. It's just nice to know that I won't have to do that dang 3hr test again if I don't want to. I also asked if I would have to take that stupid diet class again. She didn't seem to fully know what I was talking about but she said probably not.
I really hope not.

Uuuuhm what else.... baby boy was head down. I guess that's a good thing even though I'm sure he probably changes positions a lot since he's still tiny and has a lot of room.
He was weighing in at about 11oz.
Like the doctor said, he was a little behind in size... from what I saw when she was measuring his femurs, he was coming in at 19w5d. IF we were going by my ovulation date... I would've only been 19w3d yesterday so he would've been right on track. Again, I'm not that worried about it since I know there is that difference.
It does make me wonder if they'll want to wait to do the c-section closer to 40w if he continues to measure a little behind my LMP like that.
We'll see.
The doctor did tell me that it could just be they caught him right before a growth spurt *shrugs* I really wish they would put in my medical history that I ovulated late so they wouldn't be so concerned with it, but I guess better safe than sorry.

UGH, my weight was 208!! That is up a whopping 8lbs from my last appointment. We did eat breakfast before we went but still... 8lbs!! WTF? Oh well... just have to keep an eye on that.

Uuuuhm.. and I think that was it.
I'm still in shock that we're having a boy (hell still can't believe i'm pregnant again sometimes lol). Just feel so lucky that everything is ok and that we even have this again.

So... now that we know... time to start crafting some stuff up! Have a lot of work to do and not that much time to do it!

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