Monday, October 27, 2014

More u/s photos

No loot from Old Navy. I couldn't tell what was on sale and what wasn't :\ May order some stuff online.

Did I mention that I burst in to tears as soon as she confirmed it was a boy? lol As soon as she said it, I looked over at DH, saw his huge smile and then the waterworks started lol

Anywho, here are some more photos. No fantastic shots but oh well. He's healthy in there which is all that matters.

Frontal face shot... duh ;)

Thought this was pretty cool when she was doing it. Wish she had gotten a better shot of it though b/c you could see his nose and mouth in really great detail. That's his ribcage below the mouth/chin.

Almost a profile... oh well :P

He didn't want to cooperate getting his heart rate measured. The tech eventually got it though :)

And another potty shot ;)

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