Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Randomness and ranting

Rant first...

Holy crap people are STUPID.
A woman asked if anyone has had a successful vbac after having 2 c-sections. I think in most part and most doctors wouldn't agree to it b/c there is an even higher risk of rupture.
Well in comes miss "I need to brag and promote dangerous homebirth practices!"
Siting how she did it with 2 midwives. Nevermind that those midwives should have NEVER taken her on a client to begin with. But then this IDIOT says how she's more afraid of complications from a c-sec than complications from a vbac... specifically a rupture.
Uhm... what? Are you kidding me??
So lets see.... complication from a c-sec.. you're already in a hospital surrounded by doctors and technology that will help you.
Complications from attempting vbac rupturing uterus at home... you and your baby DIE.... or at the very very least, you make it to the hospital in time and you lose your uterus.
I'm not trying to say c-secs don't have any complications, but if one was to happen during the procedure, you're already where you need to be.
It's just so incredibly insane to me that women can be this stupid.
Oh, I get the appeal of home birth. Hell when pregnant with Zoe, I was sucked in to all that shit for a while (not home birth but birth center). And yes, while most LOW RISK women have absolutely no problems giving birth at home... again, that is for LOW RISK WOMEN. Not a woman that has had 2 damn c-sections already.
UUUGH, it's just so irresponsible and so damn dangerous.

Anyway, rant over.
Sleep last night was... meh. I got to sleep quicker, but that was about it.
Same ole issues arose though with added bonus of diarrhea! Awesome.  And Zoe's schedule is all screwed up now and she woke early again. *yawn*
I let her cry it out. She stopped a couple of times but whenever DH made any noise she would wake back up.
Was just going to let her continue but she started the " Mommy! Moooooommmmyyy!!" OMG it melted my heart and I had to get her lol. It won't work again though.... maybe :P

She is being really needy right now. Always wants to be on my lap. I don't mind that at all, but then she wants me to color her stuff for her. Again, I don't mind that... up to a point.
Going to try to calm my slight annoyance down some when she starts handing me stuff b/c I do enjoy snuggling her. She's growing up so fast and I have to cherish these moments.

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