Thursday, October 30, 2014

Making himself known...

It's like the movement went from "Is that the baby?" to "Stop hitting my bladder!" in just a couple of days. Feels like just yesterday I was sitting here wondering when the heck I was going to feel movement and now here I am wishing he would hit something other than my bladder lol.
Oh I remember Zoe rubbing her giant head on my bladder in those last couple of months. That was not fun lol.
I wouldn't change it for anything though. I may say stop but I do love feeling him in there.


Yay tomorrow is Halloween! WOO! Can't wait :D Just can't wait to see Zoe out there getting us... er... I mean HER some candy ;)
She's going to love it for sure.
It's supposed to be cold though so have to remember to bundle her up.

Put her to bed (naptime) early today b/c caught her scribbling on the walls again. Thankfully it was on a painted part so the crayon washed off but still..... I guess walls are just too tempting. All that empty area has to have some color to it! lol
Couple of swats to her heavily diapered butt and off to nap time she went. I know some people are against spanking... to each their own and seriously... her behind is so padded that it didn't hurt her in the least.


About to go nap myself or at least lay down for a bit. Zoe's new "lets wake up at 6am!" routine is wearing me out!
Thankfully my throat/mouth doesn't hurt anymore. My nose didn't get quite as stuffy last night so I didn't have to mouth breath and it gave my mouth a chance to heal. Yay :)

And I know that's not it but my brain refuses to work with me.... 

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