Monday, May 2, 2016


Poor DH just can't catch a break. His HFM rash isn't that bad, but still causing some sensitivity issues on his hands and feet. Some areas look like they're getting a little worse, but overall he looks and feels fine.
He didn't go to work today and may not go tomorrow.

Sucks that this mess is so contagious, but at least it's not too bad. Just a day of a fever and that's it really.

Thankfully I haven't had any symptoms of it. Every time my foot or hand itches though I think I'm getting it lol.

We didn't go to the fair on Saturday. Boo :( Zoe was really looking forward to it, but DH wasn't up for it which is understandable. Oh well.. there's always the state fair in Oct and this fair will come around again next year where we'll hopefully be able to go... with 3 kids O_O

Did get myself some new shoes though.
Turns out I don't have wide feet. Or well... my toes still don't taper in like a lot of tennis shoes do, but that's it.
Regular shoes still feel tight on my feet, but that's probably just b/c I'm not used to wearing them. Need to break them in and get used to it before the trip.
They're ugly adidas ones. Dark blue and a bright pink. All the shoes that I actually liked the look of either didn't feel right or they didn't have my size. Figures. :\
Oh well... they don't have to be pretty.. they just gotta keep my feet comfy.

DH's dad got in to an accident 2 days after my mom did. He's ok. The airbag ripped up his arm, but he's ok thankfully.
Some a-hole douchebag cut off a car or 2 in front of him causing the guy he cut off to brake suddenly which caused a domino effect. That asshole was hit, but sped off along with the guy that rearended FiL.
Just.. WTF is wrong with people. Sigh...
Of course their truck was the most messed up out of the bunch and they don't have the right insurance to get it fixed. I guess it's a good thing they wanted the terrain bc they def need it now.
Oh and to top it all off.. the cop that showed up gave the victims the tickets since the other assholes ran. Seriously???
Makes me want to get a dashcam.
Could get a lot of views showing the sheer stupidity and assholery of the drivers here. Like this one woman that pulled out in to the opposite traffic in front of us. She had barely any room, but enough to get out of the way... that's IF she hadn't had her frickin nose stuck in her phone and SLOWED DOWN once she started pulling out causing us to need to brake hard to keep from hitting her stupid ass.

Anyway, in other news... still haven't heard back from doc office yet. Think we're going out to get Zoe some shoes today... so I'm sure they'll call when we're gone :\
I'm sure the news is gonna be what I expect it to be. I took my fasting blood this morning and it was 98... it's not supposed to be above 90. Sigh... GD.. you bastard!

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