Friday, May 6, 2016

Stop pooping so much!!

Good lord, this boy is a poop machine! And it's nasty loose poop too.
I guess we need to feed him more fiber foods to try to help with that. He's almost leaked poop for about 2? weeks now. It's so gross and I'm tired of his poor little butt looking terrible bc of it.

And of course he's in that exploratory phase right now and discovered he has a penis down there so always goes for a grab or tries grabbing his dirty disgusting diaper. Bleh.

We're going to be putting Oren's car seat forward facing for the trip. I don't like it and would prefer to keep him rear facing, but the boy hates riding in the car and well... we're gonna be doing about 2 weeks worth of driving. With the entertainment system to hopefully keep him occupied, we're hoping that turning him around will help to keep him quiet and entertained. We bought one of those mirrors you can use to look at your LO when they're rearfacing. Tried to angle it so he could see the monitor but it didn't work lol. Oh well.

We have all of the hotels reserved though. We didn't really find a lot of places to stop though. Kind of disappointed in that, but whatever.

We're both dreading and excited about this trip. It's just SO much driving, but hopefully it will be a really great experience :)

Zoe is pretty much rash free now and has been for a while now. Her HFM rash never got really bad.
Oren's is mostly dried up, but he still has a few reddish spots on his knees.
I think DH's is going away now too. He still has some red spots on his elbows, but I think the stuff on his hands and feet are mostly gone.

Frickin love the van! lol It's just such a nice ride and I really enjoy driving it... minus the parking :P I'm still not used to how long it is and I'm always terrible at parking heh. I'm always paranoid that when I back out I'm going to hit the other parked cars b/c I can't judge properly how long the van is.
Other than that though.. WOO! New car! :D

I keep forgetting that Mother's day is right around the corner. Told DH that all I want is some Diet dr pepper and not having to cook lol.
Would love it if he tried to do some sort of homemade craft thing with the kids, but maybe another year. Doubt DH will do anything like that on his own without a push lol. Or maybe he'll surprise me! Yeah right lol.
I'm good though either way. I'm not picky or expect some jewelry or wasted flowers or anything like that. I just want some soda and meals cooked by someone else :D hehe
And maybe to not have to change poop too.... :P

OOO our Asian pear trees have some pears on them! YAY! I'm sure they've already been attacked by bugs though. There are a ton of peaches on the peach tree, but DH said all the ones he saw already look like they've been attacked by bugs. Not sure if it is bugs or maybe b/c it's not being pollinated by another peach tree so the fruit looks bad. *shrugs*

About to go out and try out the vacuum in the van. Zoe got crumbs everywhere and there's a little bit of dirt here and there. Hope it works well :D Gosh I love that van and how awesome is it that they thought enough to put in a vacuum. How great is that for families??

Oren is driving me crazy right now. About to put him down for a nap even though I'm sure he's going to cry/scream bloody murder. He's already crying at EVERYTHING right now.

Sorry my post is all over the place... trying to remember what the heck I wanted to post, but it's not coming to me. I'm sure it will later tonight and I'll forget all about it again tomorrow lol.

Morning fasting was once again higher than it should be this morning. 98.
I tried eating a granola bar in the middle of the night at around 2:30.
I know some pregnant women wake up hungry, but not this gal. I had to force it down.
It didn't help at all.
Maybe I should try it again but do it 2 hrs before I get up. That would feel like cheating though. Not really a fasting reading.

But other than that damn fasting number.. it's been pretty easy to portion control. Sure.. I want a little more of this or that, but at least I don't need to be so strict with limiting carbs and whatnot. Makes it a lot easier to eat better when you don't have to eliminate so much :)

Hmm.. I can't remember what the heck I wanted to post.... oh well....

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