Monday, May 23, 2016

Still searching

Yep... I'm still searching for those damn car decals. SIGH! I've been kind of searching DH's closet a bit more and still only scratched the surface.
Did finally take a look at some bags of clothes in there and found that some of them have frickin baby clothes in them! Clothes that could have gone to SiL /facepalm.
From the clothes I     saw, they were newborn to 6m size so probably too small for SiL's baby now.
Oh well... we can use them for this one when it comes :) Looks like mostly girly stuff, but I don't care.

But yeah.. the search is still on. Going to pull out all of the books DH put away and shake them all out. That's going to be a giant pain but I'm determined to find these dang things.

Saw a pretty big bunny in our front yard this morning. Actually surprised it was out there b/c it was after 7. Just figured they'd hide then, and especially in an area with not a lot of hiding spots.
Don't think it will mess with any of the plants though. When we had that one in our backyard, it did go in to the garden, but I don't think it ever actually ate any of the plants.

My frickin itchy hands woke me up last night. SO damn annoying. I trimmed back my plants yesterday so I'm sure that helped to inflame the eczema a bit more. Sigh... oh well.. going to have to live with it and try to help it as much as possible I guess.

Alrighty, time for some food! Leftover alfredo shrimp pasta... YUM!

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