Thursday, May 12, 2016

Come on now...

So we got the oven element yesterday. No knock on the door or doorbell.
I just happened to look out the door side window and saw it sitting there.
And oh look, the box is totally F-ed up and yep... sure enough, the element inside is all bent to shit.
So yeah.. now I can't go anywhere today (as I had planned on doing) b/c I have to wait for UPS to pick it up to return. Awesome.. :\

Oh AND to put some pee on that shit sandwich... looked in the cat boxes last night.. absolutely NO pee spots in them. Seriously you damn cat???
We couldn't spot where he was going in the room... just had that overwhelming stench coming from the spot we knew he had gone before.
DH carried him in to the room and proceeded to spray him w/ water a few times.
Checked his litterboxes this morning and oh look.. a pee spot in one of them. Damn cat.
If we're not going to put him out at night, maybe we should stick him in the crate for the night instead. I dunno what to do with him anymore....
Maybe getting sprayed in the face a few more times will get it through his little asshole head that he shouldn't be pissing anywhere other than his litterbox.

I know all of that sounds so mean, but I'm just sick of the cat. I'm sick of having to deal with this shit over and over again. He's lucky we're not monsters and spraying him with water is the worst he's getting.
This crap has definitely lit a fire under DH's butt to start on the room this weekend. We need that wall and door up to keep the cat out of the room so I can start the long process of cleaning the crap out of the carpet. Need to buy more pet carpet cleaning solution. The one I recently bought is just regular stuff.

In more light hearted news....
Usually give the kids a granola bar as part of their breakfast.
Gave one to Oren this morning and when he took it, I said "Say thank you!"
And I swear he said "Thank you!" back to me. Of course not that clearly.. it was more like "Thuh OO"  but he did say it and it was adorable! :D
He's growing and learning so fast. Still stubborn as all get out with the walking, but again... not in any hurry with that.

Zoe is still obsessed with superheroes and I'm good with that :D Robin and Spiderman are still her favorites right now. Poor Batman has been somewhat forgotten lol.
She wants to wear a cape all the time now (even though we don't have any other than the velcro ones that came with a couple of shirts) and wants to pretend that she's either Spiderman or Robin. Love it!
And I'm definitely not one to steer her away from Princess stuff. If she was really in to that, I would totally support that too :) But ya know.. superheroes are cooler ;) rofl

And now Oren is climbing in to one of the toy boxes in the living room. He did it yesterday and got stuck lol. He was happy until he wanted to get out and couldn't :P lol

Oh... I'm not sure, but Oren might be trying to bite Zoe. It's hard to tell b/c he does like to give kisses A LOT. So I'm not sure if it's biting or if he's just giving kisses. I know he's bitten me twice, but it didn't seem to be b/c he was doing it on purpose.
He better not bite... will have to nip that in the bud if he is trying to do it.

UGH!! Getting itchy frickin eczema bumps on my fingers. Not sure what's causing them. I got them last time (a while ago) when I pulled up weeds in the yard. I have done that recently, so maybe that caused this again. Or maybe messing w/ my container plants did it. Who knows.
What I do know is that it's annoying as heck! SO darn itchy and it spreads!!!! UUUUUUGH Time to start wearing gloves whenever I decide to pull more weeds again.

Ok.. so I like Game of Thrones. I haven't read the books at all b/c well.... I just don't want to. From what I've been told, there are more characters in the books than in the show and I do not want to have to make cliffnotes to look back on when I'm reading. Hell... I need cliff notes now just watching the show.
Anyone else always get confused when the characters mention some non-main character?? I can barely remember the names of the main characters of the show. The heck if I'm going to remember some character that appeared a couple of times a season ago.. heck.. an episode ago lol.
I dunno.. just had to throw this out there. I know I can't be the only one that can't remember all of those characters lol.

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