Saturday, May 28, 2016

It's Saturday!

Just today and tomorrow to get this house cleaned!
I did a whole lot of nothing yesterday. Woops. It's that getting started thing that gets me all the time.
I did finish up most of the dishes. Have some pots and pans to clean up, but everything else was washed. Well... there's more to be cleaned now, but nothing that should take too long.
I was going to tackle some of the laundry yesterday and fold, but I felt like hell. Just an overall blah feeling w/ a headache coming on, plus the kids wanted to come join in. So we just all hung out on my bed until DH got home lol.
I love doing that.....
It gives me a mini heart attack every time Oren gets near the edge of the bed, but I love spending time w/ both kids in there. It's just so... comforting and cozy and just feels like one of those really nice family moments :) It's even better when DH is home and in there with us too :)

Anyway... so I have a ton of cleaning to do today since I got almost nothing done yesterday. I'm putting it off a little longer to post here, but yeah... can't put it off for too much longer. Would like to focus on packing tomorrow and only needing to clean up just a little.

Oren has himself a little attitude.
Trying to get him to be a bit more gentle when he's playing with Zoe... like not pulling her hair. He doesn't seem to do it on purpose, he just grabs and pulls her to him or him to her.
So I tell him to be gentle and the boy does not like being told what to do or being told "No". He'll say "No" and will then swing his hand to hit. Or if he's holding something, and is told no.. he'll say no then will throw the toy.
Sigh..... just gotta keep it up with him so he doesn't turn in to a little terror once he's bigger/older.
He's currently playing  the empty storage bin that I'm planning on putting some unplayed toys in lol. Silly kids. All these awesome toys.. and they want to play with the mundane things.

Take for instance the big 5g buckets that the cat litter comes in that we're saving (for next year's container gardening). They're sitting in the sun room right now and Zoe plays with them like they're giant blocks and stacks them. Have to keep her from doing it since they have fallen on both her and Oren, but still... really? Awesome toys everywhere and you want to play with empty buckets.
Alrighty then....

We went to Kohls last night after dinner. We had some Kohl's cash to use and a coupon DH printed.
Not sure why DH wanted to go, but off we went and we went a bit crazy on the children's clearance section lol.
I'm sorry... but I can NOT resist buying those $1 items!!! We bought SO much stuff and I have no regrets! lol
It all came out to be just over $30 worth of stuff and that was with $10 off too :P
All of it except the 2 $5 stuffed animals we bought was clearance stuff. Love it!
Bought them both a ton of dollar sock packs. Think all of the socks had at least 4 per pack and that was an awesome deal, specially since they're character socks too. Peanuts, Star Wars, Disney Princesses, Paw Patrol.
Zoe definitely needed more socks. She HAD plenty before, but since she's started going through her drawers and wanting to dress herself... we've lost SO many.
Also bought Oren a few t-shirts and Zoe some panda pjs that were 3.50. Oh and some of those floofy slipper socks things for both of them for like 1.50 a piece along w/ a storm trooper ski cap w/ mittens for a dollar something.
 Sigh..... clearance section... why you so addictive!?
Frickin love Kohls!! Not their regular jacked up priced stuff, but for the clearance. It's all about the clearance!

Alrighty, gotta get baby boy to bed, eat a popcicle or 2 and then start cleaning. Got a long achy day ahead of me!

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