Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lightening crotch!!

MAN! Baby must be grinding her/his head down there often b/c OUCH!
Thankfully it doesn't last long, but still.. holy moly does it hurt!

I will admit though.. there's still a big disconnect with this pregnancy. I'm thinking that b/c Zoe and Oren keep me so busy and distracted.. I can't obsess over this pregnancy like I did with them. Doesn't mean I won't love this little baby just as much.. it's just that this pregnancy just doesn't feel as significant as theirs did to me.  Makes me a little sad actually. Oh well I guess... it's such a small (although big at the same time) part of the big picture. :)

Oren is walking a little more on his own. Still only a couple of steps, but it's pretty big progress from the nothing he was doing lol.

We're also getting in to the 'fighting over toys' phase here. Well, we've been there for a while, but it's getting worse lol. Sigh....

I'm gonna be SO damn tired when this new LO arrives lol.

So our new minivan almost got backed in to yesterday. That was fun.
Just... seriously you frickin morons out there. Is it just a thing you always do?? Backing out of a spot without bothering to make sure no one is behind you???
And then the F-ing morons that decide they want to drive through parking spots RIGHT BESIDE YOU when you're putting groceries or your children away and have your door wide open.
Really??? Just BACK OUT. Don't be a giant dickbag and try to squeeze by to drive through a parking spot!!
I can see doing it if no one is around... fine.. go for it, but not when you're trying to do it right beside someone that is RIGHT THERE. Stop being a dick!

I just really hate people sometimes and really wish I could ram in to them... over and over again. Don't want to hurt the people (although smacking them upside the head would be satisfying)... I just want to total their car and hopefully teach them to not be a jerkwad on the road.

I really want to get some dash cameras for the van. With hit & runs being on the news all the time now... I want to make sure that IF anything were to happen and some douchebag ran.. we'd have the license plate on camera to give to police.
Plus it would be nice to post that crap all over youtube so people could see just how awful the drivers are here. There's already a youtuber that posts vids from the state, but he mostly does downtown stuff.
Still though.... I'm sure every state has a plethora of assholes. Makes my blood boil at how inconsiderate and just plain stupid our society has gotten.

Had more to write, but I've gotten side tracked lol

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