Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ranting and other junk

I can't stand my BiL.
Overall, there's nothing wrong with him really, but he's just one of those types of people who just rubs everyone the wrong way.
He's a know-it-all, but doesn't actually know shit and he's just annoying as heck to be around.
I really don't understand how SiL got with him other than him being a total pushover when it comes to her. That's not a bad thing, but everything else about his personality sucks. Ok.. not everything else.. but like I said.. he's just not someone that you want to hang out with if you had a choice.
I dunno.. it's difficult to explain but I'm sure we all have that family member that's like that. Just someone that just rubs you the wrong way and you're not entirely sure why.
Just... I want to punch him in the face every time he posts on FB.

We'll definitely be helping to pay to get the Terrain fixed. Really glad about that. I just feel so bad that it broke down right when they got it. Even though we never had a problem with it, it still makes me feel guilty.. like we caused it somehow lol.
Hopefully it's nothing too serious and an easy quick fix.

I definitely have GD again.. it's just not as severe. I fixed steak and mac and cheese last night. I was able to eat a serving of the mac and cheese (sharing it with Oren) and my blood sugar was 115. Right under the max number. (pretty sure max is 120)
Really not sure how I passed the 1hr test. I must've been right under the max or something.
Anyway... for now, I think I'm going to try to just take my blood sugar in the morning and then after I eat something questionable. I'll continue that until my next appointment and then take it from there.
Glad that I had some leftover strips and stuff to test with.
Do not want to end up on the news b/c I gave birth to a giant baby LOL.

Zoe is so darn cute.
Her infatuation with Spiderman is over.... now it's all about Robin. DH started watching Young Justice yesterday and she was totally hooked. Every time Robin wasn't on she'd ask "Where's Robin??" And now she's calling herself Robin.
Love it :D

Oren is also just so cute!
He was playing with one of DH's old phones yesterday. Put it up to his ear and said "Hello?" in to it. Clear as day. Shocked the heck out of me lol. He did it again after I did it and handed it back to him too :D
My big little guy!
Now he just needs to stop waking up in the middle of the night crying :\
He's still not walking on his own, but he is letting go more often now. Totally not worried at all about it. He'll walk when he's ready and that's the day when I never get to relax ever again lol.

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