Monday, May 9, 2016

Aww, his hair changed

Oren's hair isn't poofing like it normally does. Was hoping it would go all rooster like it used to but no. Still laying flat this morning.
Sigh.. oh well. It's still cute :D

Forgot to mention that Zoe had a blast at the salon too. One of the hair stylists had her daughter there that looked to be around Zoe's age. She didn't talk much but was very happy to play with Zoe :)
The mom gave her daughter some highlighters and some paper and the little girl shared them with Zoe. They were both quietly scribbling when it was time to go. Zoe of course didn't want to go. Awwwww
It was just adorable.
Wish it was that easy to make friends as an adult. No talking needed. Just start playing and instant friends lol.

Think I'm gonna head back to Walmart soon and buy a few more of those t-shirts that I got on this last trip. Think it was just over $9 so not bad at all and it was nice and lightweight and comfortable. Not as long as I like, but that can't really be helped with my giant bump.
Don't think anything short of a dress is going to be long enough to cover this bump up soon lol.

Went to spray the cat pee spots in that room and oh look... a new cat piss spot. So tempted to rub his nose in it, but I know that won't do any good. Need to take him in there every day and spray him with the water bottle until he gets it in to his asshole head to not go in there any longer.
Going to have to buy some pet carpet cleaning stuff and clean the spots multiple times to make sure there's no smell left and then hope his stupid ass doesn't pee in there anymore.
Sigh.... anyone want a free fat asshole cat?
Tempted to throw him out at night. He's too fat to climb over the privacy fence and there is a nice big unused dog house in the backyard he can crawl his butt in to. Just don't want him mewling all night long and waking the neighbors up.

Have my next filling tomorrow morning. Yeah... now that I know what should happen, I will definitely be speaking up about that numbing shot lol. Still want to smack myself for not saying anything like a giant dumbass but oh well. Live and learn I guess.... that was just a really painful shitty lesson :P lol

Bought the kids one of those play water tables. They both love the water so much and love going out... figured it would be a good purchase. It's an early birthday present. Should be getting it Tuesday or Wednesday. Will get pics of them playing with it :)
It was just over $35 on amazon. Not too bad I think with the activities that are attached to it :)

Oren's new phrase now is "Uh Oh!" at everything lol. So cute!!

Not so cute was him screaming bloody murder last night for over an hour when we put him to bed. DH checked on him once and gave him some water. I checked on him again a little while later and just.. UGH!
I ended up taking a shower and DH went and put his headphones on while downloading music lol. Thankfully Oren was asleep by the time I got out.

And yep.... need to look up some F girl names now. I think Evie is pretty set in stone for a girl, just gotta find a good middle name.

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