Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pictures! But not good ones....

Yep.. pics of my plants! Muahahahahahaha lol

My container garden plants YAY! :D

Just so happy with how everything is turning out. Pretty sure I've been overwatering some of the tomato plants though. The leaves are starting to curl which is an indication of that. Oops.
But overall, I think all of the plants are coming along well and really looking forward to getting some fresh produce!

Next year, if the backyard still isn't done, I think I'll container garden again. We're saving all of the kitty litter 5g containers. Just need to drill holes in them and they'll make great planters and I can plant a bunch more :)

It's the minivan! YAY! lol Yeah...... looks like a minivan..... :P

And the baby's room so far. Helped DH put up one of the dry wall last night after the kids went to bed actually so it's a little more complete lol. DH put up a sheet in the spot where the door is going in hopes of discouraging the cat from jumping in there. No idea if it worked.
There's still no piss in his litterbox since it was cleaned so he's definitely been going somewhere. It's been cloudy so can't really see if there are new pee spots. Sigh...
Seriously going to start putting his ass outside or in to the crate and putting the crate in the garage at night. Tired of this shit... just tired of it.

Anyway... as soon as the room is completely closed off (hoping for this weekend), the carpet is getting cleaned at least 2 more times. Just want to make sure any lingering pee is cleaned up as good as I can get it.
Oh and the things on the carpet are just fuzz/hairballs from the carpet cleaner gathering up all the loose stuff. Probably should have vacuumed beforehand. Oops lol

I dunno if it's hormones making me hate him more right now, but I swear... if BiL shares one more damn link for his fap material.. I'm gonna call him out on that shit.
I dunno who the hell he's sharing the links for other than himself. He's done it before, but I just rolled my eyes and keep scrolling.
Yesterday.. it was a link for hot moms in nylon stockings. Seriously dude.... just fucking STOP already. No one needs to know what gets your rocks off.
Just UGH! The more that I actually pay attention to this shit, the more disgusted I am by his nasty ass.
Screw it, I'm just going to unfollow him. Just so sick of seeing anything he shares or posts and tired of it pissing me off. Better to just ignore it.

I'm definitely obsessed with finding the decals. Actually had a dream about it the other night. Dreamt that I found them in some obscure spot in the house that I kept overlooking. Started waking up and getting excited, but then I fully woke and realized that that place in the house doesn't exist lol.
The search is still on though!

And I think I'm gonna try cleaning our bedroom carpet. It REALLY needs a good vacuuming and cleaning. It's pretty funny... there's a big clean spot where I cleaned up the poop, while the rest of the carpet is all gross and dingy still :P

Just need a little more caffeine in me first.

I've actually been sleeping pretty well for the most part for the last week. I mean there have been a couple of nights where it's the same old crap, but the majority of the time, I've been able to get back to sleep quick. BUT I'm waking up more tired now for some reason. WTH?

OH! AND I realized last night that I haven't had any reflux problems at night for a little while now. From what I can tell.. everything is still pushed pretty far up, so I'm not sure why the reflux has stopped. I still get some reflux during the day still so it's not completely gone. /shrugs
No complaining here.

Oren and Zoe are SO damn cute together!!! Think I have photos of them on my phone. Will need to get those off and post them. But MAN are they adorable! Yesterday, Oren kept wanting to hug and lean on Zoe and then Zoe just loves playing with her brother. A little bit too rough sometimes and she doesn't know when to stop when he starts getting upset, but overall, they just love playing and loving on eachother so much.
I just really hope this new LO is just as loved by them both.
Not really worried about Zoe. She always kisses my belly and I get her to talk to her 'sister' when she does it. I'm more worried about Oren since he's so attached to me right now. Hoping that since he's used to being around Zoe and his cousins that once this LO is old enough to participate in play that he'll love him/her just as much :)

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