Thursday, May 12, 2016

Toddler drama & I'm being a giant bitch

So I can't be the only one that gets sick of the toddler drama right? Of course that's right. Who the hell loves drama from a toddler... especially when it's NON drama.
Like right now.. Zoe is in her room bawling her eyes out b/c I won't let her get up to get her Arial little people toy.
Nope... not gonna happen little missy. I told you to get everything you wanted. I even let you drag your feet a little and you still didn't pick it up? Too bad, so sad. Momma is a big meanie.
Listening to her go on and on about it is irritating the crud out of me though.

Sounds so mean, but when it's the end of the day and you've had to hear meltdowns like this all day long.... yeah.. you get irritated lol.

Oh and to add to the irritation, F-ing cat pissed in the room again. DH was leaving to go to his friend's house. Zoe pointed out that the cat was stuck on the other side of the gate... the other side where the room is and sure enough, fresh new pee spot.
So I picked his ass up, marched him right over to the spot and proceeded to spray him right in his face with water. He's going to get it through his head or he's going to be a permanent resident of the backyard. I don't like outdoor cats b/c they're destructive to the native wildlife, but as I pointed out before.. he's too fat to get over the fence so he'd only be able to wander in our backyard.
And just FYI.. his litter boxes are clean. And he does actually use them for poop multiple times a day, so it's not like he's completely ignoring them or refuses to use them completely. It's just the peeing part that he's being an asshole about.

Sigh.... I sound like such a bitch when I talk about the cat :( I know I do, but I'm just so tired of this mess. I felt bad for it before since it was his paws bothering him, but now.. there's nothing wrong with him. I think he smelled the wood that was over there and decided that YEP, that's where I'm gonna pee now! /grumble

UGH... I wanted to post a big ole "Oh go F yourself" towards BiL today. He shared some bullshit article about the damages of what spanking, timeouts and blahblahblah can do on children. Dude... coddling them and not disciplining them can also cause problems.. just take a look at your own brat that you're raising.
I get it... not everyone spanks and that's cool. You parent your way and others do their thing. Whatever works for you.
But when there is absolutely NO consequence for bad behavior or empty threats?? That aint good... Aint good at all! :P
It's why you're going to have problems with her when she starts school b/c she's going to bite someone, or hit someone and not listen to the teacher b/c she thinks she's boss.
But whatever dude. You're the one that has to live with her... not me... thank goodness.

Baby was moving around like crazy earlier today. Could feel it really well from the outside. As soon as I waved Zoe over and put her hand on my belly..... nothing! lol
I swear.. how do they always know?? I had already been talking so it's not like I suddenly said something and that's what caused baby to stop and listen. Zoe didn't say anything when she came over so that wasn't it. Baby just knew and stopped. SIGH! lol
DH still hasn't felt baby move yet. There's still plenty of time for that of course. It's just baby is so random at the times it moves right now.. or well.. moves to where you can feel it from the outside.

Oh and UPS guy finally showed up at 2pm. Took my butt to the store right after to pick up a couple of things.
I really hate going to the store later in the day. Even on a weekday... it's still too many people :P lol I just like that empty feeling of early morning shopping. No one there except for a couple of other folks like myself and employees restocking the shelves. So nice.... so quiet.

And can I say again.... I love the van! I hate parking it with a passion, but I love driving it! lol

Oh and the container gardening is going pretty well :D Wind from a storm blew over one of them earlier, but not a huge deal. Plant didn't look damaged thankfully.
Still no tomatoes popping up, but looks like the plants are getting some flower buds.
Do have some tiny cucumbers popping up though! YAY! Been trying to hand fertilize them just in case the bugs aren't doing their job. Just picking off the male flowers, peeling off the petals and then sticking the middle part in to the female flowers. Boy that sounds kinda dirty :P lol
OOOOO I can't wait to have some fresh veggies!!
Especially tomatoes (yes I know they're technically fruit). There is nothing better than fresh tomato. The flavor is just.... amazing! And damnit.. I am determined to grow them right this time. Give them some nice nitrogen rich fert so hopefully they don't get blossom end rot again. FX!

And can I say that I really love all of the women in Oren's DD group. The ones from Zoe's group are a great bunch of women too, but they're all usually so busy with their own lives right now that they don't post much in the group. Which is all good. Not trying to rag on them at all for that.
But the ladies in Oren's group are super social and just the sweetest bunch. :D

Can't say I'll be getting in to another good group w/ this LO though. There are a couple of women in it that seem really nice, but just aren't very social. Oh well.. already in those 2 groups so it's all good :)

OOO I can feel reflux coming on... but I'm hungry.... but it's late. Screw it! I'm eating something.. along with an antacid lol.

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