Friday, May 27, 2016

That switch has been... uh... swutched? o_O

All day yesterday, Oren kept standing and taking steps. He was so proud of himself and whenever he caught me looking at him, he'd get a huge proud smile on his face :)
So happy for my little guy. I feel more tired already, but that just comes with the territory lol.
And Zoe is helping to encourage him too which is just too dang sweet! I know I always say it, but she's such a great big sister!

Zoe just keeps getting more and more defiant and good grief is that tiring too. I absolutely hate getting frustrated and annoyed with her and I try my best to keep my cool when she doesn't listen or talks back, but UGH is that difficult!
She's such a good child, it's just sometimes... not so much rofl.
It could be worse though so not going to complain too much heh.

So I cleaned up Zoe's room and went through all of her clothes. Well.. the clothes that are currently folded lol.
Good lord she has a ton! Absolutely no trouble finding her enough clothes and then some for the trip.

Also cleaned Oren's room and went through his clothes. That took all of 10mins b/c the boy has no clothes rofl. Well he does.. just not a lot. We'll probably be bringing the majority of them with us.
Definitely need to start buying him more clothes now that he can fit in to some 2T stuff. Should stay in that size for at least a little while.
Wish there was more to pass down to him from Zoe's stash, but most of her clothes are super girly lol.
Oh well....

On today's cleaning agenda..... the kitchen! I'm not planning on doing a ton of cooking. At least nothing that is going to require a lot of dishes to be dirtied up. Going to put things away, wipe everything off and yeah.. just declutter it all basically.
It shouldn't take too long. Just some dishes and things that need to be put up and thrown away.
Just need to find the motivation to get started lol.
Once I start, I'm good.. it's just the getting started part that takes a bit of work :P

Also need to do water changes in one tank and top off the other. That shouldn't take too long, but need to do it when Oren is sleeping. Have to run the water changing hose out the back door and do not need him going back there adventuring around. Bad enough that Zoe is gonna be back there with all the dog poop.

Still have a mountain of clothes that need to be folded too. Ugh.. I hate laundry. I hate it more than dishes. At least there's a dishwasher I can use and I don't need to fold anything after.

Oh AND... the living room is in even a bigger mess. Zoe got it in to her head to look for something and just needed to empty out both of the toy bins in the living room. Sigh... See... this is why I'm not bothering to clean it just yet. She picked up most of it... MOST of it. That still leaves a good messy bit on the floor.
Oh well.. day in the life of mom :)

So we have to return the ceiling fan we bought for the nursery :\
It's one that you have to use a remote control for. WTH? I mean I guess that would be good if you have it in a high ceiling area or something, but not for a bedroom.. with a normal bedroom height ceiling.
Oh AND it has this weird light bulb that we've never seen before. /shrugs It has a teeny tiny screw in and it's a tiny rectangle.
We're going to have to wait until after the trip to buy another one online... along with door knobs that match what we have in the house. Still need to buy the floor molding stuff too and whatever racks for the closets.
Oh and paint..... lol.. yeah.. still a good bit to buy.

And something else, but brain not functioning anymore....

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