Sunday, May 8, 2016

Stupid Junior sizes!!

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH.... I had a nice long post and stupid keyboard deleted it all!!!!!!!!


Yesterday started off with taking the van in to get the auto dimming rear view mirror put in and also get the car seat covers put on.
DH struggled with Oren's carseat for a good half hour before we said screw it and put it forward facing. I'm uneasy about it since rear facing is so much safer, but we were planning on forward facing for the trip anyway and Oren seems to really like it.

That took about 2hrs total.

We then headed to Walmart down the road from the dealership.
Let the frustration commence!
I found the shirts that I wanted. Super light weight ones that go over tank tops. Great right?
NOPE! ALL of them were in frickin junior sizes!!!! WTF???
Not a single damn shirt in women size..... nope. Every single one they had was junior. And even the junior XL and XXL are too damn small for me!!
SO F-ing annoyed by that shit.
Why do juniors get all of these super cute light flowy clothes and women get all dumpy looking shit. Or if it's not dumpy then it's super expensive b/c they know there aren't any other options out there.
I just don't understand why they can't have the same shit but in women and junior sizes. Ya know... just b/c I'm old and bigger doesn't mean I don't want light clothes that don't make me look like an old school frumpy librarian.

Anyway... I did end up buying another tank top, shorts and a light t-shirt w/ butterflies on it. Not entirely what I wanted but whatever.

We (DH, Oren and myself... Zoe spent the night with granny)... then got lunch and headed home.

MiL and aunt did us a HUGE favor and came over so DH and I could go to the movies to see Capt America! YAY!
That movie was GREAT! Well.. if you like comic book movies :D

So that was really nice of them to do for us and I wanted to say thanks so we took them out to dinner at a hibachi place. Expensive but really good :)

So yeah... overall, yesterday was a pretty darn nice day. Some frustrations and whatnots, but it was a nice day :)

Zoe spent the night again with granny or aunt. They also have niece too. Why? B/c SiL has HFM now and SiL and BiL will use any frickin excuse (or no excuse at all) to get rid of niece.
They are just so damn annoying and thankfully MiL and aunt both share my disdain of BiL. lol

I know it's so juvenile to talk behind someone's back, but you just don't know BiL. Like I said... he's just an annoying idiot know it all that you want to punch in the face. UGH I don't even want to talk about him anymore b/c it makes my blood boil when I do.

Oh and finally.. my frickin calf muscles keep wanting to charlie horse on me when I'm stretching in bed. That's always a nice feeling :\
Middle of the night one night, I stretched and HOLY MOTHER OF SHIT PAIN! I had to hold in my yelp of pain so I wouldn't wake DH up. Thankfully I was able to get rid of it quick by moving my foot around some but still... OUCH!

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