Sunday, May 22, 2016

The bad guy

So Friday night dinner came along. We packed up some clothes for Zoe just in case MiL or aunt wanted her to spend the night. Just wanted to be prepared.
Apparently they had planned on taking Zoe and niece that weekend.
Welp... both girls were acting up like crazy during dinner. So.. finally fed up.. I told Zoe "If you misbehave one more time, you're not going. No more warnings."
2 mins later, she's taking her jacket off. I tell her not to b/c it's cold outside. She completely ignores me so.... I had to. I had to crush her little dream of spending the night at aunt's house.

She got SO many warnings during dinner. I hate being the bad guy, but as I said before... my child is going to grow up knowing there are consequences to her actions.
I'm not BiL, I'm not SiL.... I don't make empty threats. I don't threaten and then in the same breath go back on what I said.

I hated doing it... I hated making her cry, but this is the part of parenting that sucks balls but has to be done.
I'm not super strict although it feels like that sometimes... especially when niece is running around doing whatever the hell she wants. Actually no... seeing that just makes me realize that what we're doing is right for our kids.

Did get Zoe to clean up some yesterday before aunt and MiL came and picked her up. She didn't spend the night Friday night, but if she behaved Saturday, she could go. And for the most part, she actually did behave :) She even picked up most of the trash and toys in the living room like I asked her to do.
Leaves me less work to do now lol.
Really need to go through all of their toys again and put stuff up that they're not playing with. We really need to just donate a ton of them though. We're guilty of adding to the pile of toys, but so is MiL and aunt too lol. Everyone just spoils the kids rotten and the kids love it!
We're hoarding a bit right now though since there is another LO coming and Oren is at the point now of wanting toys. Just don't want to get rid of anything just yet until all of them are done with them, ya know? heh

DH put up more drywall in the closet and then put that dry wall putty stuff up to fill in cracks and whatnot. The room is coming along though :) Think I'm going to clean the carpets again this week just to try to get as much cat pee smell out of it as possible.
I don't think it works that well, but going to spray the spots and all along the wall w/ nature's miracle and cross my fingers that it does something.
He's definitely peed in the dining room area somewhere. BUT thankfully, it looks like he's started using his litterboxes again. Guess now that his access to the room has been cut off, he decided to stop being a giant asshole.

Got myself 2 new bras! And yep... nice and expensive too.
Just.... why??? I mean.... I know why. B/c people are greedy and know women pretty much need bras, but damn... why does a little bra need to cost so damn much???
See... this is why I needed bras to begin with. They're so damn expensive that I didn't want to fork over the money to buy more :\

Anyway... I'm still gonna need to bring along all of my crappy bras too for the trip lol. I have 4 good bras and then the rest are.... meh.... they'll do :P lol

Picked my first cucumber today! WOO!
I threw away the seed packet that I had so no idea what kind it is. Didn't want it getting too big and the middle getting too full of the seed part. Wanted it to stay nice and crisp and crunchy.
So happy to have it though. That same plant currently has 3 more nice looking ones that will be ready to be picked later in the week. YAY! The other cucumber plants are looking really good too. Starting to get little cucumbers on them. Hopefully the bugs are doing their job and pollinating like they should. I manually did them on the plant that I picked from today.
Tomato plants are getting blooms, but no tomatoes yet. Need to prune them back some. Just mostly the bottom portion of the plants and thin the stems out a little.
But yeah... my little container garden is coming along great :D So much easier taking care of these plants. Helps that it's only like 9 of them to :)
Well, there are going to be a few new ones added from the tomato clippings and a new tomato plant I got last night from Home Depot lol, but still a nice manageable number :D

Bought a lot of junk food for the trip lol. Spent a good chunk of change but we're essentially buying for 2 weeks. Just lots of chips and some candy.
Really hoping this is gonna be fun. Looking forward to driving through mountains and seeing the rocky mountains for the first time :)
Still a mixture of excited and dread rofl.

Ok... time to stop screwing around and get some of this cleaning done... which includes myself.
Sweated yesterday b/c the weather warmed up. Not to the point of hot or anything but my body didn't know the difference and I was miserable! lol Had to finally just say screw it and turn the AC back on.
Sigh.... it was nice while it lasted, but looks like the true hot weather will be incoming later this week.
Anyway.. the BO is trying to creep up on me so time to go take a shower!

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