Saturday, May 7, 2016

Empty Threats

It's 3am and I've been up for an hour already trying to get back to sleep. UGH!
Really wish I would stop doing this already. It's been like this for... gosh..... over a month now?
Wake up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep for a couple of hours. Seriously don't know how I function during the day w/ no caffeine in me most of the time lol.

Anywho... on to the ranting..
So we went out to dinner tonight and of course annoying ass BiL is there next to niece. Niece and Zoe are sitting across from one another which I'm not a fan of but they don't see eachother that often so whatever.... at least they're not sitting next to eachother.
Niece does not have an inside voice and is constantly yelling while they play and eat.
She tosses the doll she had towards Zoe for some reason (think she was making it fly)... and it hits my hand just right for it to hurt, so I take it away from her.
Instant cry/yelling. Yeah... this momma don't play with that mess.
Fast Forward and the girl is constantly disobeying BiL. He finally gets fed up with her and tells her that she's not spending the night at her granny's house (something he didn't even bother to ask MiL btw until a few minutes before and even then it was just a passing "Oh, can she?"...asshole).

He sounds serious about it....
Yeah.. that's until it's time to leave and he practically throws niece in to their car and runs away. Seriously... he couldn't get her in to their car seat fast enough :\
Dude.... seriously???
This is why you're raising a GD brat that doesn't listen to a word you say and has 0 respect for your authority as a parent.
I really try not to judge as much as I used to (seriously.. I'm trying rofl)... but this crap pisses me right off especially b/c everyone can see that what you're doing is total bullshit that's turning your kid in to a little monster.

If I threaten Zoe with something.. like taking away a toy, time out, a pop on the butt or hand, etc... I'm following through with it if she keeps up her bad behavior.
I am lazy as shit and really do not like punishing her, but she knows not to push her luck too far b/c mommy doesn't do empty threats.
Just UUUUUUUUGH, it's so frustrating!!!!
Zoe and niece love eachother so much, but I'll be damned if niece's bad behavior rubs off on Zoe.

Damn you diabetes!!
We went to Mexican tonight. I had 2 shrimp quesadillas. It comes with a simple sour cream and guacamole salad and I usually order a side of refried beans.
Yeah.. I should've known better than to get the beans. My sugar after was 168!! Yikes.
Sigh... I was so hoping I'd be able to skip the extra monitoring, but it doesn't look like I'll be that lucky.

My feet will never be used to wearing regular shoes. I need to loosen up the shoe laces or something.
Wore them tonight to help break them in and my toes started falling asleep and my pinky toe on my left foot started to ache b/c it was getting squished.
Come on already feet! Cooperate!!!

OOF.... baby is awake and moving. Not big movements, but movements right on my bladder.
Pregnancy is going well. I'm 26w and still feel like I should be further along than I am lol. I just feel SO huge right now and can't imagine how big I'm going to be/feel when I am further.
I really do need to start walking. 1 to break in the shoes, and 2 b/c it will help with the diabetes.
But damnit... I just don't wanna! I want to blob out on the couch and not do anything.
Going to make more effort though. I know Zoe will enjoy going for a walk... not sure about Oren since he'll have to go in the stroller lol.

Really want to buy a few clothes. I hate spending money before this trip though even though it's kind of needed.
I need more bras. I switch between 2.... yeah... just 2. The rest of my bras are nursing bras or sports bras. I have 2 that actually make my boobs look decent and of course they're my more expensive ones which is why I only have 2 that I always wear. That's not gonna work for a 2 week trip where I can't wash clothes lol.
Could you imagine how funk they would be? And boy have I been having a lot of boob sweat.. lol.. YUCK.
I would also like some sort of sheer shirt or something to go over my tank tops. I'm at the point of saying F it and showing off my fat arms and dark armpits, but if I can find some good, cheap, light weight shirts to wear over them that won't make me sweat.. awesome!
It's just that cheap and good part that's going to be hard to find. Hoping to stop by Walmart and maybe Kohls to see what they have. I do need a couple more cheap shorts too and hoping for some slip on shoes. ;) hehe

Oh and has anyone checked out Walmarts dress selections online?? Looks like they're sporting a lot of super cut dresses! They're all really short, but they would totally work as a long shirt too. Just some really cute designs. Have my reservations about them though b/c they're all being modeled by a little Asian chick. That usually happens when it's being made by a Chinese company which whatever... they gotta eat... but the sizes could be off. Their idea of a size XL could actually be a size M here lol.

Guess I'll stop rambling... sigh. I'm not really tired yet, but maybe it will kick in soon......

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