Sunday, May 8, 2016

Well that was awkward

First... I hope everyone had a great day today! :D
Mine was pretty darn good overall.

Well first... my pregnancy BO is INSANE... and not in any good way at all.
I smelled perfectly fine... that's until it was time to go and do something out in public.
As soon as I started sweating.. on came the armpit BO and I was wearing deodorant!!
And the worst part is is that we were taking Oren to get his first haircut and of course I was in charge of taking photos.
I know that poor hair stylist could smell me whenever I moved my arms. UUUUUUUGH.
Never showing my face back there ever again :(

But yep... Oren got his first haircut! :D
Before... and After :D

I forgot to take a photo of his hair in the salon, b/c I was so self conscious about my funk.  The after photo was taken after DH gave him a quick rinse off in the shower. His hair has been falling flat after it is washed but hoping it poofs up a bit tomorrow. I'll get more pics if it does lol.

But he did ok. Not at first though. He didn't like the hair catching cape thing.. he wanted to look at what the hair dresser was doing whenever she got close etc etc. BUT once I gave him a lollipop that thankfully the salon had at the front.. he was good to go lol.
I actually told her to make the cut a little 'emo' if she could LOL /facepalm. We just wanted to keep it similar to how it grew in since it looked so cute :)

Oh and we found out today that the cat has been using the lumber for the new room as his litter box... well.. a litter box for pee. Stupid asshole fucking cat. Sorry for the cussing but UUUUUUUUGH
There is nothing wrong with his paws now. Absolutely nothing since we got the surgery for them. He WAS using his litter boxes no problem again.
Then all of a sudden, he's able to move around more now and jump over the baby gates and oh look.... fucking fresh cat piss in the new baby's room.
I'm so F-ing pissed off.
Gawd damn cats. He was doing so well and then BAM... asshole cat that feels the need to piss on crap he's not supposed to.
It wouldn't be SO bad if cat piss wasn't so damn hard to clean up.
Just... I'm sick of the cat.
I love animals.. I do... and I love the cat.. or well.. loveD the cat. I just can't stand it anymore. I'm tired of having to deal with this shit over and over again. It was bad enough having to clean litter boxes, but ya know.. that's what you gotta do if you want an indoor cat.
But now with the newly found piss in the new baby's room. I'm so done. As I said when I was pregnant with Oren and we were having problems like this.... if we knew someone responsible and willing to take him.. we would get rid of him in a heartbeat and NEVER get a cat again. I'll enjoy cats from afar, but we will never have another one in this house.

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