Friday, May 20, 2016

Wow, so soon??

First.. this keyboard is pissing me off. Just... annoying as hell trying to type anything out with this thing and it not screwing up.

But anyway!

DH really has a fire under his butt to work on the room. He put up more drywall yesterday and FiL came over and helped him put in the closet door :)
There really isn't a whole lot to do, it's just him finding the time to do it.
Really proud of him though and what he's done so far :)

Now I need to get that same fire and come up with some designs. First need to figure out where the furniture is going to go and then take it from there.

Zoe's workbooks came in yesterday and BOY was she excited to try them out. We did letters up until K and she did so well. She gets a bit impatient w/ the rounded letters like D, C, so kind of rushes doing those, but overall, I think she traced really well :D Just going to keep working with her on it all.

It would be nice if she could write by the time she went in to kindergarten.
Just sort of difficult to concentrate when you have a little 1yo grabbing on to the table and banging it b/c he wants to participate too lol. Crazy munchkin.

DH has to work next weekend, and then that Monday... we're off on our trip. Holy crap... I mean.. It did and didn't sneak up on me. I dunno.. just for some reason I was thinking it was further off than it was.
We'll be buying more snacks and whatnot on Weds for the trip.
So excited but still also dreading it too lol.

I know Zoe will be fine... just more worried about Oren. Oh well.. we'll deal with whatever when it happens. FX everything goes well though lol.

I do need to clean before we go. I know there are going to be some doggy accidents. With them only being checked on twice a day (hopefully), there are bound to be messes.
Not going to bother shampooing the carpets. No point in getting them THAT clean when they're just gonna be peed and pooped all over.
Just need to pick up toys, trash, and vacuum. Clean up the clutter.
I'll worry about that next weekend though. No point in trying to do it now. Well.. obviously I still need to clean... just not clean up as well :P lol

Alright... Oren needs a nap and I need some mac & cheese. Screw diabetes damnit! I'm hungry and that cheap box of processed goodness is calling to me.
My sugars have been really good lately. Even my morning ones have been in really good range. So yeah.... bring it carbs! BRING IT!!!!... in to my mouth hole!!!!!!

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