Monday, May 16, 2016

Well that was a shitty way to wake up

It's 6am and I've been awake since just after 5. Why? B/c the stupid ass dog decided she needed to diarrhea all on our bedroom floor.
I was already half awake and instantly smelled it when it happened. No whining to go out, no pacing around... nothing. Nope.... she just shit.
Our room doesn't get great circulation either so it's going to smell all day.
I carpet cleaned the hell out of the area w/ the new pet cleaner and it worked great. There's still a slight shitty smell, but thankfully that overwhelming smell is gone.
So frickin pissed. Unless it's raining... she's not sleeping in our room anymore and sleeping outside.

I will usually wake up when she moves b/c I'm paranoid about this exact scenario happening b/c of our other old dog (that died). When she got older, she would get sick easier and shit or puke would happen often.
But I will say... even though shit smell is GD awful... it's still so much easier to clean than frickin cat piss :\
I wish there was that one miracle product out there that 100% got rid of the smell and deters cats from peeing in the spot again. I know Nature's Miracle is supposed to work great, but nope. It only seems to intensify the smell whenever we've used it in the past.

DH blocked off that room w/ the baby gate we had in the living room. Hoping the cat hasn't been jumping in there to pee anymore. But I'm sure he's probably found himself a new spot to go in now.

UGH... now all I can smell is dog shit. Not sure if it's just up my nose or if I'm actually smelling the remnants.
AND we don't have any nice smelling air freshener so I'm just sitting here stuck having to get whiffs of poop. Awesome....

My mom brought back the car yesterday. Thankfully it all looks to be in one piece lol.
Glad to have been able to help her though.
She keeps bugging us to sell her the car. Pfft, nope. DH loves that car and so do I... even though I don't drive it much anymore.
I dunno why she wants it anyway. She doesn't like small cars. She just wants to score a nice car for cheap is what I think lol. She said she'd give us cash for it, but never actually said how much :P lol
Not that we're selling it or anything.

And the oven elements didn't work which means we need to buy a new oven. SIGH!
Seriously?? Why does this always happen? You make a big purchase (the van) and then everything else around you decides to go to shit. Or you're about to go on vacation and oh look.. something big happens and you need to spend money you've been saving up!
I'm not sure what we're gonna do. Maybe wait until after the trip. I'd rather just get one now so we can get it all done and over with beforehand. One less thing to worry about when we get home. We'll see though.
I know I've said it before but... thank goodness for savings b/c lord knows we need it right now.

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