Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Splish Splash!

The water table came in yesterday and BOY did the kids enjoy the heck out of it :D Took me about 20mins to put it all together. Was pretty simple, just the screwing in the screws took forever b/c my arm got tired rofl.
Took it outside, filled it up, and let the kids have at it!
They LOVED it! Oren eventually lost interest after he soaked himself, but Zoe could've stayed out there for hours playing with it and playing w/ the water. They got the water completely filthy with grass and potting mix, but oh well lol. It's easy to spray off so not a big deal :)
I didn't get any good pics. They were both just too busy playing with it to look up and me and I'm too big and lazy to get to their level rofl.
Great great purchase IMO
Link to it on Amazon
I think for the price, it has the best activities on it.
Also, Zoe had no problem reaching anything and Oren had to get on his tiptoes to put balls in to the center funnel thing, but he could do it :)
Really happy with this purchase :D

The inside of my mouth is all jacked up from when I was trying to eat while still very numb lol.
Have a small raw patch on the inside of my lip where I chewed off the skin and my cheek is so sore and tight feeling from when I crunched down on to it. YOUCH!
I'm pregnant and only had a granola bar though so I was hungry! lol I'll have to remember this for next time though and be more careful. Maybe eat something that doesn't require me to chew :P lol

My GD seems to be ok.. except for that dang fasting number as usual. I'm just gonna wait until my appointment to bring it up... maybe. I don't want to call sooner and them tell me that they want me to come in sooner. While my morning fasting is a concern, IMO it's not a HUGE concern. THat sounds so stupid when I post it lol. But my numbers aren't that much higher than they should be and overall after eating, my numbers have been controlled.
We'll see how I'm feeling about this next week lol. I may change my mind and call them up to report the news.

Alrighty, need to go get Oren up and clean the oven like I should've done yesterday. Actually need to eat something first. Feeling indigestion but also hungry at the same time. Antacids.. here I come!

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