Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It's a start!

First up... Oren walked some yesterday all on his own! YAY!
He's been standing on his own for a couple of days, so yesterday when he started, I started cheering him on to encourage him. He got so excited that he'd take a step and then fall, but would get right back up again.
He eventually decided he wanted to walk from the couch all the way to where the slide is which is abut 5 or 6 steps. :D
Go little dude go!

I also threw up a little yesterday morning. Ate some leftover pasta. Felt totally fine until I drank something and it hit my stomach. Almost instantaneous nausea and I upchucked right back in to the bowl I had used. Gross.
It wasn't all of it, just a little and I felt fine after.

DH is off today so we went shopping early this morning to buy junk for the trip.
Needing to buy 2 weeks worth of stuff is... stressful lol. It's also a lot of stuff too and I'm sure we're still going to run out of some things.
Bought just a couple more comfy stretchy capri pants and a couple of t-shirts. Needed to mostly go to get Oren more socks and Zoe some undies along w/ the snacks.
We also scored a couple of hooded towels for the kids that were on clearance. One of them is a ninja turtle and the other is winnie the pooh. ONly $2 each. Not too shabby considering those things usually go for a lot more :D

We spent too much though.... doesn't help that we did buy the ceiling fan for the nursery. We went w/ a pretty modern looking one to go with the modern looking furniture lol. I really don't care what it looks like though so long as it's not hideous and so long as the light is bright enough.

Alrighty... need to stop screwing around and start going through more clothes. Didn't do it yesterday as I had intended.

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