Saturday, April 30, 2016

Poor DH

He just can't catch a break right now.
He has hand foot and mouth now. He said he was feeling bad when he was out of town, but didn't think too much of it.
He got home yesterday and mentioned that he had spots on his feet and sure enough, he now has spots on his hands and starting to get some around his mouth too.
His immune system is just all jacked up right now.
Poor poor DH.

All this mess b/c a stupid doctor told a mom that her daughter wasn't contagious.

Thankfully I haven't shown any signs of having it and hope it stays that way. Lord knows I have the kids all over me all day so it wouldn't have surprised me if I did get it lol.

Today should be busy. We have a few places we need to go.
Pay on baby furniture.
Buy some tomato cages and other stuff for the nursery.
Grocery shopping
And possibly going to the local fair that's right up the road. Not sure if DH will be up to doing it though. I really want to take Zoe though. Maybe let her ride some rides.

Alrighty, DH is out of the shower... need to get this day going!

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