Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bunch of thieving bastards

So we were thinking about changing our internet provider from Time Warner to At&T.
BUT come to find out, at&t isn't available in our area for some reason even though we're in one of the busiest most densely populated areas. But whatever.
So DH is looking at a brochure that we got in the mail from Time Warner that has listed some payment plans for different internet speeds.
But what he doesn't see is the plan we have which is just a basic cable internet thing.
He calls them and apparently, the plan we were paying for no longer exists AND the price we were paying is actually for a better plan that we weren't even getting and won't even be available in our area until later this year MAYBE.
So... basically, they were charging us premium price for shitty internet access (it had been going out for a couple of hours every day for about a month) and didn't bother informing us of this AND we're not getting reimbursed anything either.
Just take this as a warning folks... look over your plans and make sure you are actually getting what you're paying for.
Bunch of lying thieving pieces of shit.
Really makes you wonder how many other people out there are being ripped off and how much money they're raking in b/c of it.

DH and FiL got the door up to the room last night! YAY! :)
So happy to not have to worry about the cat getting in there anymore. Just gotta clean the carpet a few more times to hopefully get rid of the lingering cat pee smell.

Neighbors got an earful yesterday. I wasn't cussing them out... I was cussing out one of our stupid dogs. He went under the porch and THOUGHT he was stuck so wouldn't come out from under it.
There was a big carpenter bee where he went in, so as soon as he sniffed it, he refused to come out that way, THEN after I moved the bee out of the way, he still wouldn't come out so I had to break a trellis we have sitting there and even then, his dumbass wouldn't come out. I eventually just started spraying the porch with water and that got his stupid self out from under the porch really quick.
I love that dog to pieces but damn.... just annoying lol.

And Oren and Zoe are both having a meltdown.
Zoe.. b/c she thinks her blanket is dirty (it's not) and Oren b/c I said OW when he was digging his little talon in to my leg and now he's crying more b/c I told him NO when he was reaching for the yogurt.
Child... I just cleaned yesterday, you've already destroyed part of a granola bar on to the floor... you're not getting a yogurt cup to help your little spot of destruction.
Sigh... and it's not even 10 yet! lol

We got most of the folding done yesterday.
There's still more to do, but most of it is done. Thank goodness!!
Found most of the matches for the kids' socks... still have a handful with no matches though, but did have a load in the dryer so hoping that we'll find the rest.

Just need to put a few more pants/shorts and shirts and Oren will be done for the trip.
Thank goodness we bought more undies for Zoe b/c we're needing to take almost all of them. Enough for 2 weeks plus a few extra for accidents.

Still a mix of emotions for this trip, but mostly excitement. I'm just worried about the pets and the garden.
Don't want to come home to a garden of dead plants b/c they over-watered or didn't water enough and don't want to come in to a house that smells like poo and pee.
Hopefully MiL and FiL come over twice a day like we asked them to do. We gave them some money too and are hoping that helps to get them to take a bit better care rofl.

The dogs will be in during the day but we've asked them to put them out at night. No telling when MiL will come over in the mornings.

Anywho.. DH and his friend don't want me to post photos on FB during the trip before yellowstone. His friend wants to keep us a secret from his kids... for some reason.
I guess that's a fun idea, IF we were actually close to the kids... but we're not. We see them.. what.. every 5 years? And even then... it's not like we're in contact with them and all close and whatnot.
I dunno...I just don't see the point in keeping us a surprise since I'm sure their kids aren't going to care.
It will be like...
"Oh hey.. WTH are they doing here?"
"Ha ha.... ok then....."

and yeah... that's about it :\
But whatever. Not like I MUST post photos as soon as we take them or anything and if they want it to be some anticlimactic surprise.. then meh....

Alrighty, gotta eat and continue cleaning!

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