Friday, May 13, 2016

Where the heck is it???

So we went to that little comic convention last year and bought some car decals. Now.... they're nowhere to be found and it's driving me flippin crazy!! Going to hunt for them in DH's closet today. I'm determined to find those dang things. We bought 2 for ourselves and 1 for SiL.. or was it 2.... either way.... where the hell are they??

And let me clarify.
I am NOT ragging on parents that don't spank. If that is the way they want to parent, then that is awesome. Go for it!
What I'm ragging on are folks that do not discipline their children AT ALL when the child does something that needs it. Or, threatening to do something, but then in the same breath, going back on what they just said. Like BiL does.
If you're trying to explain to your child over and over and over again why they need to behave or not do something, and the child STILL misbehaves.. maybe it's time to discipline. Again.. no spanking if that's your way... but timeout, taking a toy away, whatever.
Show your kids that there are consequences to bad behavior and then STICK WITH IT. Kids are smart and will very quickly pick up on the fact that mommy or daddy are just throwing out a bunch of bullshit.
Is that too much to ask for?? I thought this was ya know... parenting 101 stuff.

UGH, looking through dusty crap for those decals is irritating the eczema!

I really need to stop procrastinating and finish those dang letters too. Those things just sucked all of my creativity out of me though. UGH. But I WILL get them done before the trip so we can give them to SiL. Going to start working on them again today. Forcing myself to do it, but I'm gonna make them as purdy as possible lol.

And finally.. one of DH's friends is doing injection treatments. Wish them all the luck in the world and hope it works for them.
The wife is really nice and so is the husband. They're going to make great parents :)
I just really hope that it happens for them soon! Sending all the positive vibes I can their way.

It's kind of interesting though that the 3 friends that DH hangs out with... all of the couples have fertility problems.
One of them has a son (that had the birthday at the fire station), but the husband has a sperm problem so they had to do IUI. Think he produces sperm, it just doesn't come out as it should.
Then the other guy... he and his wife are separated now, but when they were together were having problems conceiving. She did get pregnant, but ended up having a m/c at 8 or 9w.
And then the other couple I mentioned. From what it sounds like, the wife has PCOS and doesn't ovulate regularly.

Kind of heartbreaking that so many struggle with this. Good, responsible people struggling to have kids, while the scum of the earth can pop them out just by looking at the opposite sex.


OOh I forgot!
So DH kind of likes torturing Zoe. Not in a bad way.. lol. He likes to sort of act like she's getting in to trouble and then will tickle her or do something goofy with her. His tone is always joking, but she being 3 doesn't always understand tone. So anyway, he was acting like she was in trouble yesterday and Zoe started freaking out a bit thinking she was in trouble. That's until he grabbed her hand and started to swing her a little and just play with her. She starts cracking up and having a good time.
Well, Oren didn't really understand and still thought Zoe was getting in to trouble and just started BAWLING his eyes out. It was just so darn cute and sweet!!
Just reminded me of when he was getting his shots and crying and Zoe looking on telling the nurse not to hurt her brother. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww /heart explodes

Looked a bit more for those stupid car decal things and can't find them! Grrrrrrrrrrr
DH's closet is just too full of crap and I can't look through everything very well. Not that I'd really have to since a lot of the stuff has gone undisturbed for a while now.
I started getting seriously out of breath and had to lay down a few times to rest.... from basically doing nothing. Baby must've been pushing up in to my lungs or something.

Anyway... I have no idea where else to look. Maybe in the boxes of books DH put away. Would think he would've noticed them but who knows. Will have to dig those out and go through them. Well. that's if I can actually pick them up. Books are darn heavy when bunched together lol.

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