Thursday, May 19, 2016

Feeling lucky

Yikes man...
So DH has been taking Zoe to a church kids thing on Wednesdays and yesterday was their little graduation thing.
So of course I went and it was so cute and fun watching all the kids go up on stage to get their award.
Zoe was called first and she was just so cute... She's not really shy, but you can tell that she had no idea what was going on lol.

Anywho... DH pointed out another pregnant woman there and that something was wrong with her baby. :( He said they're not sure what exactly is wrong, but that they just know something is.

THEN at the end.. the church was honoring one of their volunteers who was going to have to stop the next year.

And on the way home, DH tells me that he is the husband of a woman that died the year before after finishing a marathon. It was all over the news here when it happened. I think she had just finished a 5k and then basically dropped dead. I THINK it was from an undiagnosed heart condition. They had 3 or 4 kids.

Just... damn. I mean.. I was happy to go to the event but geeze.. talk about depressing too :( Just made me feel so lucky to have the current life that I have. If my biggest problem is not getting enough sleep... I'll take it.

And baby has in fact dropped a little. I actually stopped and examined my bump and it's definitely not as high. It is still high, just not as much. Probably explains why I've been feeling a lot of pain and pressure in my booty and lower back.

Woke up last night at around 12:30 b/c my stomach was upset and my body felt the need to flush itself out. Went to grab my phone since I was fully awake by then and well.. I wanted something to do while I sat on the toilet lol.
Saw a stranger cat on our front porch :\
I'm sure it was just looking for some critters to munch on... or at least, that better be the only thing it was trying to do and not marking anything.
Thought to myself that maybe this was why our cat started going outside the litterbox, but no. Our cat was oblivious to this other one. Our cat is just an asshole.

Another Oren meltdown b/c he couldn't continue gnawing on the cat spray bottle.... sigh. Child... you need to get over it.
He also showed some attitude yesterday when I told him not to chew on one of Zoe's hot wheel cars. He looked at me, then tossed the car on the floor, then looked at me and said "No"... and then refused to play with it. Sigh...........

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