Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wow, that's bad luck

So we gave the Terrain to inlaws the other day... DH got a call from FiL yesterday saying that it keeps cutting off.
We never had a problem with it before and all of a sudden this shit happens to them? UGH.

Makes me feel terrible that we're giving them a messed up car. Just some seriously bad luck. Hopefully it's nothing too serious and I think we should help them with the cost of repair.

They came over last night to check the oven for us. FiL has some thing to check to see if the switch on the oven still worked. I guess it did b/c they were saying it was the elements that were bad. Going to cost us about 150 to replace them both, but DH is skeptical if it is what is wrong since both the broiler and the other one stopped working at the same time.
Not sure what DH wants to do about it.

DH did go to work today. Thankfully his rash hasn't bubbled up to blisters.. they just look like bright red spots.

We gotta take the van in this saturday. Wanted to see Civil War then, but may not be able to. We'll see.
Anywho, we're getting the seat covers and the auto dimming rear view mirror. Hoping that since we made an appointment and time to come in that we won't be stuck there ALL day long.

Let the kids stay up last night to visit with inlaws. They don't get a lot of alone time with them so we let them stay up. Was hoping that they would sleep in but pfft... dunno what fantasy land I was hoping I'd be in. Oren woke up around 2am screaming bloody murder. I went and checked on him and that only made him cry/scream harder.
He must've had a bad dream or something.
Anywho... he still woke up his usual time... sigh.

Just got a call back from my OB office and well... apparently I don't have GD this time around? Uhm.... what????
I'm still going to check my sugar for a while b/c I think they're going to be concerned about my fasting level if they keep coming back higher than it should be. It was only 91 this morning but that's still elevated.
But still too... WOO!
I did eat a BIG bowl of cereal this morning so I could check my sugar level after. Did screw up some b/c I took one of my prenatals just a few mins ago. It's gummi and I'm sure full of sugar. Oops. We'll see.

The only thing that came back a little off was my iron level. It was a little low so they're calling in a prescription for iron pills.
Looks like I'm gonna be trying to eat more iron rich foods too for an extra boost.

But still... this is some really unexpected news. Who the hell knew that this was even a possibility. Figured if you had GD once, you'd always get it again.. especially with my medical history too.

EDIT: Took blood sugar and it was 130. So I think I do have GD still, it's just that this time, my body is tolerating carbs and whatnot a bit more.
So while I can have a sandwich or something if I wanted.. I can't go all out or anything. I still have to portion control.. just not be AS strict.
Still... I'll take it!

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