Sunday, May 15, 2016

Yay DH and FiL!

They both got so much done yesterday in the new baby's room :)
Haven't put up the drywall yet, but they got the frames put up and have the wiring put in for the new switch closer to where the door is going.
No idea if the cat has returned to pee back in there.

Did get all of the pet cleaning stuff yesterday so as soon as they're done and the room is closed.. I'll be cleaning the heck out of the carpet.

Ugh.... BiL is so GD gross.
So I'm not a prude, but I know what to share/like on FB b/c I'm not a gross idiot.
BiL shared a meme pic. It was of Justin Bieber on stage looking all frazzled and sweaty. He had a dancer's crotch pointed up towards his face and she was spread eagle.
The caption on the photo.... "When you been eating her out for half an hour."
Dude.... GROSS.
No one... and I mean NO ONE wants that mental image in their head of you and SiL. Just... yuck....
I mean.. just WTF?? You can find it funny.. but why would you share that shit on FB where you're friends with your wife's parents and siblings???
Seriously.. if I was still in first tri and experiencing morning sickness.. I would've gagged. That's how disgusted I was when I saw that.

In non-disgusting news....
DH still hasn't installed the new oven things yet. Booo lol
Oh well. I just really really hope that that was the problem.

The Terrain is fixed AND it was still under warranty so it was free! WOO! lol
I'm not sure exactly what was wrong, but hey.. if it's fixed now then yay :D

And my mom got her car back last week too so we can go get our Mazda back :D I know DH will be really happy about that.

I'm gonna call doc office tomorrow about my morning fasting level. Sigh... really hoping they don't want me to come in. Oren love being snuggled but he's also in adventure mode right now too.
UUUUUUUGH.. I don't wanna do twice a week appointments again!!! :(

OO I bought some clothes from Mostly a lot of women's shirts on clearance. They're all super sheer which sucks, BUT with it being so damn hot.. I don't care. I'll show my bra off lol.
I also bought a cute maternity top that I really like and makes my bump look HUGE lol... and I bought a maternity dress that is not flattering at all.
Looked nice in the photo, but actually getting it.. it's a giant moomoo. Plus it's a normal length maxi dress so that means I"m gonna have to hem it up about 3 or 4 inches lol.
I'll still wear it so long as it doesn't make me sweat :D
Bring on the moomoo! Plus it will probably be a good option for after birth too since it's so loose fitting. We'll see.

Started working on those letters again. Finished putting the images on them. Now I just need to make them look a bit better and fix up some raggedy spots. I want to do something else to make them look prettier, but I'm all out of ideas. Sigh. Just going to be so embarrassed giving SiL these things. They don't look terrible, but just not what I was hoping for.
I'll get a pic of them once I'm done.

I need to start on the design for the nursery. Going to keep it simple and cute with pops of color. Do what I had planned for Oren's room. Panda w/ bamboo w/ pops of either fuchsia or a teal... or both :) Not sure what the pops of color should be though. Maybe just stripes or something?

The house is a mess and I don't wanna clean, but I have to! /cry

Grr, my retouched spots on my hair have already faded quite a bit. Seemed to fade a lot faster this time than it did before. Sigh....
Don't want to mess with it again. Not right now at least. My hair is still running a little bit of color when I shower, but not rubbing off on anything anymore. Don't want to worry about that so close to the road trip. Did buy some cheap hand towels for the car though so it wouldn't be that big of a deal, just more of an annoyance.
Will probably try to rebleach once we're home.

We have one more food spot we're hoping to go to in Kansas City. Some Chinese food place that was on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives show. Looked SO good. That's if we reach that area in time. No telling how often we're gonna have to stop and stretch our legs.
Just really wish we had found more places to stop and visit. Just nothing interested us. :\
Already warned DH that when we are in Yellowstone.. that everyone better be prepared to carry on without me or sit and wait while I rest. I've been getting SO out of breath lately.
Don't know how it's possible but everything feels like it's been pushed up even more in to my lungs.
I sounds like I just ran a marathon if I'm on my feet for too long or if I'm trying to do some light work. Heck, even just sitting here sometimes.
I hope I grow OUT more and not UP.

Alright.... I really should start cleaning. The house is seriously a mess. Like more than it has been in about... a week :P lol Kidding... but seriously.... it's gross in here.

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